Airdate: Saving Grace

Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter is about to get a late-night run on TEN.

Hunter stars as Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City police detective who has spiralled along a path of self-destruction.

But the tormented, fast-living Grace gets help in the form an unconventional angel played by Leon Rippy.

The cast includes Kenny Johnson (The Shield) as Grace’s partner; Gregory Cruz; Bailey Chase (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Bokeem Woodbine (Ray) as a death row inmate who has a lot more in common with Grace than she realises and Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me).

The drama has already aired on Pay Television.

It airs 12:30am Tuesday March 2nd (or late on Monday March 1st if you prefer).


  1. A great show, very dark, and you better remember Timothy McVeigh. If you liked Touched by an Angel or Highway to Heaven – you probably won’t like this. If you wouldn’t be seen dead watching those kind of shows, take a look at this…

  2. is every late night show on Ten a free piece of Foxtel ??
    America’s Next Top Model , Rock of Love , Sex and the city reruns , Angel , Saving Grace , Army Wives .Basically its the best of Foxtel for free late night on Ten.

  3. Ten is really not giving first run content (other than proper late night programming like Letterman) any respect. Why put all these shows at such a late time? Try taking off all the primetime repeats of other shows and give first run content primetime slots? Perhaps Ten are still reeling after what happened to Stargate and Supernatural over Summer.

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