Big Bang minus the laugh-track theory

So what's a sitcom like without the laugh track added?

So what’s a sitcom like without the laugh track added?

Umm not very funny.

Check out this clip of The Big Bang Theory without the required mirth.

I once saw an entire episode of Get Smart without laughs. And it went to air too. It was really weird…. Some shows the laugh track is clearly a character in itself and just not the same without it. Someone MASH fans may be able to confirm: did they have some eps without the laugh track too?

Meanwhile by way of contrast, here’s a clip of The Wire with laughs added in. Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for this one.

And WARNING: Language, guys, language….

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  1. @ Jed, yes I do realise that. They are at fairly opposite ends of the spectrum in what they present though. One is about clever people the other is about sexist pigs.

    However your comment about not finding Seinfeld funny really did prove to me you have an odd problem with comedies. 🙂

  2. Red Dwarf Back to Earth was awlful without a laugh track. It felt like a multicam comedy in it’s staging and acting, but no laugh track. It desperately needed the laugh track – particularly when all the other seasons had one.

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