Blast from the Past: TV promos

Was Alien Nation really "The Hottest New Series on Television" in 1991?

Now here’s a blast from the past.

I stumbled across some notes I made in 1991 (dear God), when as a young ‘un I jotted down some claims made by our television stations about their new TV shows.

I remember thinking “these guys always claim this show or that show is the best ever.”

Now nearly 20 years later, how well did they stack up?

Here are the lines they used, for your perusal…

Twin Peaks: “The Most Talked About Series of the ’90s!”

The Cosby Show: “The Most Successful Comedy Series of All Time!”

A Country Practice: “Australia’s Best Loved Drama!”

Alien Nation: “The Hottest New Series on Television!”

Let’s Make a Deal: “The Sensational New Game Show!”

Let’s Make a Deal: “The Richest Game in Town!”

The Phil Donahue Show: “Television’s Most Controversial Man!”

MASH: “Television’s Biggest Hit!”

The Simpsons: “The World’s Hottest Family!”

…and yes, I did need to get out more. I still do.

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  1. I’d certainly say that Twin Peaks was a defining TV show of the 90’s.

    Although it lasted barely 40 episodes, its influence is still felt today with many ‘quirky or edgy’shows produced.

    I think if we’re looking at shows that have lasted the distance in terms of fans etc, I reckon Twin Peaks would be up there.

  2. Something to remember from last decade would be how ten advertised season 20 of the simpsons.

    “In it’s 20th year, the simpsons are funnier than ever”
    the only thing funny was that the shows creators insisted on stretching out more
    life in this once excellent show.

  3. i remember Alien Nation being touted as the hot new series in 1991. It was the same time that The Simpsons was being launched here and being boasted as the “show that beat Cosby in the US”

    It was around 1991 that Chances was being launched with claims that it was Australia’s raunchiest series since Number 96 but these days would probably be considered tame compared to shows like Underbelly 🙂

  4. Also it’s kinda funny that Alien Nation would have been promoted here as “the hottest new show on television” in 1991, as it was cancelled the previous year! Still, it was very good, and did get revived in the form of five telemovies.

  5. Alien Nation – I don’t even remember that show, maybe SciFi needs an off shoot, SciFi Classic channel?

    They still make wild claims and the voice over guys make it sound like the show is the most important thing ever, I hate the ones Nine does. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drama or comedy the guy has the same serious tone.

    And what kills is when they have off this promotion, then the show bombs and it’s never heard from again.

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