Vale: Andrew Koenig

US actor Andrew Koenig, who has been missing since February 14th, has reportedly been found dead in Vancouver, according to CNN.

A source close to the family told CNN the body of the former Growing Pains star was found in a park.

Koenig, 41, was reported missing by his parents after he did not board a flight to Los Angeles from Vancouver last week.

Vancouver police confirmed a body was found in Stanley Park around noon on Thursday, but said only that it was “believed to be that of Andrew Koenig.”

A police news conference is due, with his parents, including former Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, expected to attend.

The Koenigs said they received a letter from him last week in which their son wrote in a “despondent tone.”

The actor had stopped taking medication for depression about a year ago, his father said.

Koenig appeared in 25 episodes of Growing Pains from 1985 to 1989, playing Richard “Boner” Stabone, plus roles in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 21 Jump Street, and Adam-12.

UPDATE: At a press conference on Thursday evening, Walter Koenig confirmed that a body found in Vancouver’s Stanley Park was indeed that of actor Andrew Koenig who was missing since Feb 14, 2010.
Walter Koenig told the press: “My son took his own life”.

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Source: CNN


  1. May his soul rest in peace.
    Andrew Koenig was a fine actor but the depression that he was in got the better of him. The death of Andrew Koenig has added to the count of the number of celebrity deaths due to depression. This matter of deaths due to depression must be looked into seriously now and a way must be drawn out at the earliest.

  2. How sad. I have absolutely no recollection of him in Growing Pains but he is also the brother-in-law of comedian Jimmy Pardo and has featured in Pardo’s weekly podcast for the past few years. He always seemed like such a nice bloke and is clearly much loved. Depression is an awful disease.

  3. Sad news for the parents.

    Star Trek is my all time favorite show but I never realised Walter had a son in the business,but then I never got into Growing Pains.

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