Bumped: Royal Pains

Another Channel Seven show has been amended in its schedule, this time US dramedy Royal Pains.

The series, about a young doctor who becomes a reluctant doctor to the rich and famous, rated 322,000 at 10:30pm on Monday night.

It will not air next week, but returns in a new timeslot of 11pm Sundays following Scrubs, and in place of Air Crash Investigations.

Seven has opted not to fill the Monday slot with drama or comedy, instead adding repeats of factual series Border Patrol and the premiere of Ocean Force, following US Lifeguards. They begin Monday March 1st.

30 Rock remains at 11:30pm….


  1. Royal Pains has 12 episodes in Season 1 which all where shown.
    It says on Wiki that a second season has been commissioned with 18 episodes and is due to screen in June 2010.
    I just hope channel 7 show the second season – it is a great show!

  2. Where is Royal Pains???? I love the show. It is one of the very few decent shows on TV………I was expecting to watch it online but just found it is gone??!! Is it coming back???

  3. I love Roal Pains but have they taken it away from me??? Seems like i get so into a show and them it vanishes same happened with Dirty, Sexy, Money….

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