Conviction Kitchen for Oz

This could be Jamie’s Kitchen gone bad…or possibly The Kitchen of Hard Knocks.

An Australian network has licensed the format rights to Conviction Kitchen, a Canadian series in which 24 ex-criminals, with no culinary experience, are given three weeks to open a restaurant.

The 8 x 60 min series is the brainchild of Toronto’s Cineflex Prods. and local celebrity chef Marc Thuet, and wife / co-restauranteur Biana Zorich.

84 former bank robbers, thieves and petty offenders were whittled down to seven waiters and six cooks, followed by a three-week boot camp.

But one ex-con left the series after he was found shooting up in back of the kitchen.

“This is probably the most emotional show we’ve ever made,” Cineflex president of programming Simon Lloyd said. “You’ve got someone taking heroin, who can’t stay in the restaurant because he can’t be around recovering addicts.”

No one is voted off the show at the end of each episode.

Source: C21, Hollywood Reporter


  1. I cant wait to see a reality cleaning show – “who can vacuum this messy lounge room quick enough”

    Are there any other domestic chores that havent been turned into TV shows yet?

  2. This completely reminds me of the 30 Rock episode in which Jack mentions that he went to China “buying a reality show format where criminals try to dance their way to freedom”.

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