Double Cold Case & ER

Nine will double up on some of its US dramas this week.

Cold Case now has two new eps, instead of one new plus one repeat.

At 8:30pm on Wednesday it airs “Jurisprudence” followed by “Soul.” Next week two more arrive with “Dead Heat” and “WASP.”

Meanwhile ER fans get a double dose on GO! on Thursday from 8:30pm too.

Update: A shortlived reprieve…. ER is back to one episode at 9:30pm from February 11.

That drops Side Order of Life out of the GO! schedule for now.

TV Tonight understands it’s likely to resume following the Winter Olympics.


  1. Boring, why can’t they keep Cold Case and ER on regular channel for the old people? Side order was dull and got cancelled in the US any way but these two are a pretty dull replacement.

  2. I was enjoying Side Order of Life and now it’s gone! So they hold off on airing it for more than 2 years only to demote it to GO! and then dump is after a few eps only for double eps of other shows,

    So nothing has changes at Nine/GO! then.

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