Ed Kavalee pilot in the works

Ed Kavalee has self-funded a 'mini-pilot' of his own comedy project about two guys trying to keep their dreams alive.

Ed Kavalee is busy working on a new comedy series he has written with a ‘mini-pilot’ he has self-funded.

Featuring Tony Martin, Glenn Robbins and Josh Lawson it is described as a narrative comedy about two guys trying to keep a dream alive.

The Age reports the show features two former teenage stars, both now 30, doing it tough with shopping centre gigs and low-paid corporate jobs, milking the tiny amount of fame they have left. Meanwhile, a former co-star has made it big in Hollywood.

”I got the idea after speaking to a friend’s boyfriend. I said, ‘What do you do?’ and he goes, ‘I did a kids’ show 10 years ago.’ And I went, ‘Um, OK, but what do you do now?’ and he says, ‘Oh, you know …”’

Kavalee intends to cast himself in a main role unless the networks decide he isn’t handsome enough “and then I’ll get Daniel MacPherson to play my part”.

TV Tonight understands the ‘rather gentle comedy’ also stars Toby Truslove.

Kavalee may yet front a second season of TV Burp this year on Seven.

Source: The Age

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  1. Definitely sounds interesting. I hope it gets up. It’s amazing that we’ve got this list of talented comedians sitting on the sidelines, whilst are TVs are cluttered with such garbage.

    And it’s about time we saw more of Toby Truslove – I thought the Tropfest film he was in this year deserved to win.

  2. Looking forward to this, I am a big fan of all 4 of them (esp Tony, been a big fan of his since Martin/Molloy 15 years ago, it wasn’t till after that that i discovered D-Gen, as i was only 4 when he signed up with them and only 10 for the late show), in a way it seems quite fitting for them too.

    I hope its great and gets picked up by a network that gets it, like 2 or 10, actually i hope its 2 cause then i can watch it on iView quota free if i miss an ep.

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