ER back to double eps on GO!

ER viewers sure need to keep their wits about them on GO!

The show has seen single episodes, double episodes, and start times that bounce from 10:30 to 8:30 to 9:30pm.

Now it’s back to 8:30pm with a double episode from this Thursday.

“Truth will Out” S14E16 and “Under Pressure” S14E17 screen this week with two more next week.

That’s the plan so far, anyway….


  1. I missed ER on 4th March!! From what I can work out, it was the beginning of Season 15… but did they show Ep 1 and 2 or did they play the ER Retrospective and Ep 1?

  2. George Clooney appears in S15E19 – In Times of Old, it was originally intended to be the finale, but in the end, NBC decided to give ER a full 15th season, thus there are 22 episodes.

  3. How about Nine trying a 1 month experiment where every program on Go! is locked into its timeslot for 4 weeks running. On Ch 9 during the same month it carries on shuffling programs daily in reaction to ratings.

    At the end of the month look back at the ratings trends and see whether 9 or Go! rates consistently better.

    GO! began as a safe haven from short sighted kneejerk programmers, but is now just as bad as 9.

    ….And they keep wondering how to stop people from downloading.

  4. So confusing I’m sure half the online guides had ER as a double for this week but then change to 4 BBT now it looks like it is back to how it was.

  5. An annoyance with Go is that it doesn’t seem to offer series link options via Foxtel so you can’t even let the system follow the jumping around timeslots.

  6. So I no longer have to keep track of it, I simply set my PVR to record GO from 8.20 – 11.45pm on Thursday nights – that way, I am bound to get some ER in!

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