Gone: 10 Years Younger, Returning: Samantha Who

Late night changes at Seven to 10 Years Younger in 10 Days, My Shocking Story mean Ghost Whisperer and Samantha Who will air.

More tweaks to the schedule at Seven see changes to its late Tuesday line-up.

Seven is dumping 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (NZ) and replacing it with repeats of Ghost Whisperer at 10:30pm.

Meanwhile, My Shocking Story is also out, replaced by new eps of Samantha Who at 11:30pm. It picks up from the episode “The Girlfriend” S1E10. While the show has been axed, there are still another 25 more sitting on the shelf.

Seven will also be keeping a close watch on Royal Pains after its soft debut this week.

The changes take effect as of next Tuesday.

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  1. Tell me Justin are you Turdall or Jimbo over at mediaspy also if you bothered to read my first post I stated what seven should do with all these shows currently not on the schedule unlike you I’am capable of coming up with scheduling ideas to please everybody so I would thank you to not make snide comments oh and by the way according to yourtv 10 Years Younger NZ is being shown daily at 3pm from next week I think from the beginning there was only on about 14,15 episodes so it won’t take long to get into new eps and you would know that if you learnt to do your own research. I hope that both helps and informs.

  2. Nothing wrong with playing out a series not everybody uses bitorrent me included. Have not watch recording of Royal Pains yet but plan to however if it moves to 11:00 to give 30 Rock a chance then so be it and no it hasn’t been axed in fact it has been renewed for a 2nd season. Also agree with returning Parks and Rec 110% Corey my only regret was not watching this show from the start so I have only seen about 3 or 4 eps.

  3. Yay Samantha Who’s back. So they’re playing it from where they stopped on 7TWO is that right?? I’d rather 30 Rock given a prime time spot, but a switch with Royal Pains would be good. That show didn’t impress me too much.

  4. Ecellent news for Sam Who unfortunate for fans of 10 Years Younger in 10 days that shows seems to always be on and off the schedule though to only get approx 300,000 viewers with the big Grey’s leadin is too low however it will probably find it’s way onto 7two I think 7two are still playing repeats of the Australian version so maybe when they finish they can finish the last few eps of the NZ version. If I was in charge of the scheduling I would switch 30 Rock and Royal Pains on Monday. Tuesday late night would be 10:30 Sam Who 11 Parks and Rec and finish the last few eps of 10 years younger at 11:30. Thursday 10:30 Family Guy 11:00 American Dad 11:30 Always Sunny in Philadelphia so keep everybody happy. No need for repeats of Horse Whisperer at the moment maybe another time.

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