Gone: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Uh oh.

GO! is dabbling with its schedule now that ratings are returning.

That’s bad news for Curb Your Enthusiasm which has been dropped from Sunday nights effective immediately. It leaves four episodes in the balance.

Instead the 1986 movie Police Academy 3: Back in Training will air at 10:30pm. Police Academy 4 airs a week later.

When launching the channel last year, a GO! executive promised media shows wouldn’t be taken off air, but given new timeslots. Nobody believed him at the time.

GO! is also filling up fast on a lot of episodes of The Big Bang Theory including 4 episodes on February 11 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm (yep, double ER just became single ER again).

We know this digital channel programming this is new but would it be too much to ask to brand one show on one channel please? Is Big Bang a Nine show or a GO! show?

Updated: GO! advises Curb will return when Dante’s Cove ends, Monday 8th March with ep 7.


  1. Why do all media stations in Australia keep changing their viewing times. It’s pathetic and very annoying. Why would you take Curb Your Enthusiasm off the air and replace it with Police Academy?? Haven’t we all seen Police Academy a thousand times?? I suppose it could be worse it could be another repeat of Crocodile Dundee (nothing wrong with the movie, but you get sick of it being aired every three months). Thanks Go! I will Go! to bed early tonight!

  2. Pulling CYE is inexcusable. Undoubtedly a hilarious show…substituted by Police Acadamy 3…are you kidding me??? GOtv obviously has an infantile sense of humour and couldn’t give a stuff about it’s viewers when the advertised schedule in all the newspapers had CYE in the schedule.

  3. I love Curb your Enthusiasm having watched all 6 seasons & now have been left mid season by GO who I thought were clever enough to show this great show but have have shown no taste at all in axing it without notice (It was listed in Sun Herald TV Guide). Makes you wonder why bother with TV 7 just switch 100% to DVD.

  4. I have been living in Australia for four years and have to say that the way television is run in this country is the worst I have ever seen..there is absolutely no thought given to scheduling..they just remove programs without telling anybody and replace them with ancient reruns. Every free to air channel does it and I am sick to death of it. I would rather pay a nominal amount every year and get decent TV.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the all time great TV comedies. Would be nice if they finished showing the season instead of chopping and changing times. Apparently it is returning on Mon 8th March..lets see..I will believe it when I see it.

  5. Go! had an unbeatable lineup on Sunday nights when it had South Park, Curb and Weeds, but I’ve got no reason to watch it at all now.

    If they’re happy to flog Seinfeld ep’s about ten times a day, why not let its ‘Curb’ cousin build the same fan base?

    (….Nine programmer scratches head and says “‘Build’?? Whats that mean?”….)

  6. Also I know your the one who reports on programming changes David and let me just say what a fantastic job you do but if it is alright I like to tell everyone that on the GO facebook page the Go Tv person is saying a new series of The Bachelor will start at the end of this month and Side Order Of Life returns mid march.

  7. Does this mean the Big Bang eps that are on Go! are repeats of the new season?

    I can still completely avoid ch 9 and not miss any Big Bang?

    I wonder how quickly they will bring Weeds back for S5? S6 is being made at the moment and is the last one – hopefully we will see it all before the year 2015.

  8. I don’t think I can keep watching TV anymore. It’s too hard to keep up with all the changes. I’m going to rent/buy the DVDs of anything I like from now on.

  9. Vinny the Bachelorette was played out in full so I will give them that however you could add Bridesiller to the list. 7two has if flaws yet I do feel it offers more yes The UK sitcoms are gone however I do believe they will return and Reaper will probably be back once 24 moves to single episodes.

  10. Contrary to what we first believed, more channels does not equal more choice. Bring back the days of single channels and introduce a fourth commercial network.

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