Gone: ICU. Returning: Crash Investigation Unit

ICU will be gone from Seven after this week and replaced by a new series of Crash Investigation Unit.

ICU will be gone from Seven after this week.

The medical factual series will be replaced by a new series of Crash Investigation Unit from 8pm Wednesday March 3rd.

Seven has been beaten recently by Nine’s Customs in which Damian Walshe-Howling narrates UK content.

The irony is Crash Investigation Unit was originally narrated by him in its first season on Seven.

Seven is yet to announce the new narrator.

Indigenous hip-hop artists, The Last Kinection, are on their way home after a national tour when disaster strikes on the F3 Freeway leaving the band with devastating injuries and one fatality. But it’s an off-duty police officer who stopped en route to a family holiday who provides the most phenomenal twist. Each week the Crash Investigation Unit takes an unprecedented look at the story behind our most horrific crashes, how they occurred and what could have been done to stop them.

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  1. Could someone please tell me what was the cause of the fatal accident that was shown on Serious Crash Investigation last Wednesday night 24 February ?The recorded episode cut out just as they were about to say what it was. The show was running late & I forgot to record the following show afterwood.

  2. @koverstreet – Exactly what I was about to type !

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nine wins more than Seven this year , about time too !

    lol a factual gone and replace with another factual … typical

  3. well, golly gosh, seven have had the midas touch with factuals, they have been able to turn any old thing into a hit..who would have thought the first show removed from the prime time schedule this ratings year would be one of said factuals..

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