Good news for Good Wife

2010 ratings have drawn first blood and it's good news for TEN and Seven.

The first day of the 2010 ratings season was good news for TEN and Seven.

The Seven Network won the night with a 30.5% share ahead of its rivals, but News bulletins notwithstanding it was the premiere of The Good Wife that took the biggest audience.

The Julianna Margulies drama took a cool 1.4m viewers for TEN, one of its best audiences in some time. In its new night Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation also performed with 1.32m viewers. Both TEN shows won all key demos.

Seven also scored with Air Ways (1.32m), Bones (1.21m) and Trishna & Krishna: The Quest for Separate Lives (1.16m). While Nine’s One Day Cricket managed 1.02m viewers, the network only defeated TEN in overall shares due to the extra push from GO!

On a tough night the ABC’s Inside the Firestorm took 639,000 and Collectors in its new slot managed 520,000.

Weekend Sunrise 304,000 was well clear of Weekend Today 245,000, winning all cities except Melbourne.

But the Sunday battlelines are far from established. Next Sunday sees the addition of Sunday Night, Border Security, Scrubs, more Cricket and the Olympics.

Week 7

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  1. I hope Ten replays The Good Wife (Episode 2) I watched the first episode but we were moving house when the secoond episode came on. Very stimulating intellectually. Excellent acting and a Great Script. Regards Mark

  2. To all of saying that “The Good Wife” was dull, you just don’t understand the more serious side of television. My opinion is that of course it will get better! The series has great writing and Julianna Margulies has pulled a fantastic performance, especially with those eyes! She can pull off any emotion with those eyes.

    As for “The Good Wife”, I am hooked! It’s clever and entertaining, if you haven’t seen it already, watch the encore and see for yourself!

  3. Dull,dull,dull

    Who watches **** likes this. Some botoxed up 40 something is angry because her husband has an affair and has to “start again”. Ooohhh the drama.

    You have have this one girls, it’s a shocker.

  4. I really enjoyed The Good Wife and hope it lives up to the promise of the first episode. Vastly annoying to have to flick between Castle and The Good Wife for the last 10-odd minutes though. I might send Ten an accurate clock.

  5. Does anyone know if there will be a repeat of ABC’s “Inside the Firestorm”? I missed the first half as I was watching The Good Wife – wish I’d watched all of Inside the Firestorm though.

  6. OZINOZ: Ten scheduled an encore of The Good Wife for this Friday (February 12) in case it did not rate on Sunday (fortunately it did). Also, the encore could prop up Ten’s Friday night share, and gives Ten’s affiliate in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf region to catch up (it missed out on the premiere due to the cricket. To keep it short, Spencer Gulf region does not receive Nine, so has to pick up Nine’s cricket coverage by relay).

  7. Not sure why there needed to be an “encore” performance of Good Wife before it even started. Will be interesting to see if it holds its numbers of if the public were caught in the hype. News from the US is mixed.

    On the subject of the ‘encore” – may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their budgie smugglers – where is Outrageous Fortune? Pulled half way through the series (I guess always knew that was going to happen) and replaced now with White Collar. Where am I going to get my Antonia Prebble fix now? 🙂

  8. Every 7 program listed…. but no mention of House? Didn’t it too ‘score for’ TEN? I’d have thought it was worth a mention seeing that it won it’s timeslot in total people and all key demos?
    I think the Biggest Loser killed in all key demo’s too?

    Good little plug at the end for 7’s line-up next week though

    1. Craig, actually I didn’t mention Castle either. Or SBS. That’s why there is a link to ratings results. The “plug for Seven” at the end includes Nine shows too.

      Ozinoz: I’m certainly fielding quite a few enquiries about the loss of Outrageous Fortune.

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