Seven to Bounce, while Nine chases live AFL

Seven’s new AFL entertainment show will be called The Bounce.

Featuring Peter Helliar and Matthew Richardson, former Brisbane Lions coach Leigh Matthews will also be a regular.

“My role is to talk footy stuff – whatever is going on in the footy world,” Matthews told the Herald Sun.

The one hour live show will include recorded comedy skits, interviews, match footage, a “heroes and villains” segment and even footy street parties.

The Bounce is expected to air early on Wednesday or Thursday nights, to upstage Nine’s AFL Footy Show.

Helliar will introduce new characters in the show, which is Executive Produced by Rick McKenna and Produced by Pip Mushin. Helliar has previously been a cast member of TEN’s Before the Game.

Mick Molloy, who has also been a regular on Before the Game, is currently inVancouver with Nine’s Olympic broadcast. Despite his close alignment with Nine, TV Tonight can confirm he will be returning to the TEN sports panel show. Seems both networks are happy to share his talents.

The Bounce is expected to air in March, as is an NRL show to be aired in Sydney and Brisbane with Matthew Johns. The Sunday Telegraph reports it will take up a 7:30pm Thursday slot. Queensland rugby league’s Shane Webcke is considering an offer to join the show. Johns is believed to have developed two or three new characters for the show, based on Australian television personalities.

Meanwhile the Nine Network has begun discussions with the AFL to screen live matches on Friday nights as part of its bid to win back AFL rights. At present Seven delays most Friday games in favour of Better Homes and Gardens.

If the anti-siphoning list is shaken up, Nine also plans to show matches live in New South Wales and Queensland on Go!

Source: Herald Sun, Sunday Mail, Sunday Herald Sun


  1. I do miss Friday night AFL after moving to QLD from VIC. Channel 7 have no excuses with an array of extra channels to use with the rise of digital TV. Put the AFL on one of your several broadcasts at least! Crikey what incompetence. No wonder we move to pay TV and then the free-to-air channels whinge about TV rights going to Foxtel… Well who’s fault is that Seven. If you don’t make the product available people go elsewhere. Also, here’s a tip, most savvy TV watchers edit the ads out of shows like ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ anyway; however, live sport ensures a captive audience for your ads – get it. If you need someone competent at Seven to help with your programming and PR give me a call 🙂

  2. something has to be done. im sick of afl on friday nights starting at 11pm. take this friday for instance. the pies and cats. probable one of the best games of the year. what time 11 after better homes and kindergarden cop………. unless it’s brisbane playing they wont put it on.

  3. Just thought I’d let you know David that at the end of the sport report during the news Shane Webcke confirmed he’ll be on the Matthew Johns show.

  4. Ten should go it alone (with Fox Sports) and get Fri/Sat night & Sat/Sun afternoon (4 matches) with Fox doing the rest – all live in HD. Seven and Nine can pull themselves over something else in SD

  5. 7 never play live games!! talk about loser commentators and loser footage! if you buy the rights to afl you should have to show most games live, i can understand some not being played live cause they are crap teams but most should be

  6. I seem to remember 9 not showing Friday Night Football live when they had the rights. Oh that’s right, they had a top rating show on at 7.30 and didn’t want to change that. Now the right are up again soon and the Herald Sun is backing 9 for the footy rights but fails to mention that they will be bidding for the rights with Foxtel. Who has a finger in each of those pies?

  7. seven have already decided to air all friday night games this year delayed, is least ten decides on a week by week basis and sometimes do air matches live.

  8. As much as i hate Nine and cringe at the thought of Eddie McGuire commentating footy again, i would love to see Nine get the AFL rights back because i have had enough of Seven’s coverage. Friday night games at 8.30 is pathetic, and Sundays game starting at 3, then cutting off straight away for news. Not good enough.

    Seven obviously love H&A and Better Homes and Gardens too much, at least with Nine the only thing they have is millionth repeats of 2.5 Men so putting on live footy instead would be much better.

    Plus we don’t get many Friday night games played in Adelaide, so i’d like to watch them all live. Even if the game is in Adelaide a half hour delay would still have it starting at 7.30.

    Hope Seven loses the rights cos of this.

  9. @jezza

    Seven and Ten are contractually bound to bid together for the next AFL rights so you won’t see 9 and Ten shairing them.

    Ten already baulked at a figure of $820 million that 7 wanted to offer last year.

  10. I’d be happy if all football was on Nine, because I dont watch either.
    I wont be watching the new show, and why do these people need to have characters as part of the show? Just be your bogan self, talk rubish for an hour in a late night time slot and go away.

  11. Good move from Channel Nine to choose to show Friday nights live. It’s a major sticking point with the community and I dare say the AFL as well. This could help win them back the rights.

  12. Why should Nine bother on bidding to regain AFL TV rights if it won’t show Friday night NRL matches Live outside NSW, ACT, QLD and NT? Nine has the rugby league rights for nearly 20 years now and does not even try to promote the sport in Victoria, even though there is a team called Melbourne Storm here who has won three premierships since it was founded in 1998. (If the anti-siphoning laws are changed, Nine may be able to show NRL and AFL matches live on GO! depending on where you live) Maybe Ten should bid for Friday night matches to boost its flagging ratings.

  13. What is it with this country and sport? The media treat football players as Gods and give a bunch of bogans a primetime spot to talk “footy”. There are plenty of dedicated TV channels if people are interested. Also, we don’t want anymore sport on FTA TV either. There is enough already!!

  14. Please “shake-up” the anti-siphoning list!! As part of the next deal networks need to be able to broadcast live AFL on their digital multi-channels when the local team isnt playing and the match is likely to be consigned to a 10:30 or 11:30 delayed telecast. It was great last night that ONE HD was allowed to play the NAB Cup match live on ONEHD in Sydney while it was telecast delayed on TEN at 10:30pm because the pre-season comp isn’t on the anti-siphoning list.

  15. Please please please let channel nine and ten get the afl, i might not be the biggest fan of their programming choices but at least they wont screw up afl.

    P.S I hope the footy show rip off fails miserably

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