Jimeoin goes Over the Top with Comedy Channel

Beloved comedian Jimeoin will return to television with a new comedy series for the Comedy Channel.

Jimeoin: Over the Top is an 8 part series which follows his antics on the road and on stage while touring “his adoptive home”, northern Australia.

Described as part travelogue, part fishing trip and part stand-up show he travels from Broome via Darwin to Byron Bay and more.

Comedy Channel Manager Alex Ristevski said, “Everything this man touches turns to gold, Comedy gold. It’s an honour to be able to bring this series to Australian audiences. His popularity is unquestioned and his comedic ability unrivalled.”


  1. I agree with Jaye…everyone knows that Jimeoin was the worst contestant ever on Thank God You’re Here. come on comedy channel, do you even know what comedy is?

  2. “His popularity is unquestioned and his comedic ability unrivalled” err WTF? Was Alex talking about the late Graham Kennedy?

    He couldn’t possibly be talking about Jimeoin who is, at best, a second rate hack that couldn’t get a genuine laugh out of a group of giggly schoolchildren.

    Julia Morris or Rove are waaaay funnier…and they aren’t funny – at all.

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