Johnny Weir joins Nine’s Olympic team

Try not to look surprised by this one…

Extrovert US figure skater Johnny Weir has joined Nine’s Olympic presentation team.

A Nine Press Release for tonight’s broadcast says, “US figure skating sensation Johnny Weir joins the team to give his unique take on figure skating, fashion and all things Olympic Games.”

Nine’s sudden love affair with Weir as a star of the games follows the comments last week by Eddie McGuire that caused a furore and were labelled homophobic.

Weir had a face to face interview with a contrite McGuire on Sunday in which he showed good spirit, and indicated he would love to visit Australia. The skater, who finished fifth in his event, has never retreated from publicity including having his own cable reality series Be Good Johnny Weir.

The flamboyant performer has helped Nine’s Olympic coverage attract both publicity and ratings since last week’s controversy.

Comedian Mick Molloy also returns to the coverage tonight following a brief stint at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.


  1. Johnny is so much better than Eddie and Molloy and he is the one who is entertaining..Good for him to milk this and laugh all the way to the bank .Ill watch now that Johhny is on.

  2. LOL! Was Nine spooked by all of last weeks events? This pushed up the ratings, aren’t Eddie and Mick brilliant probably will get a pay rise. Good Luck Johnny!

  3. backpeddle, backpeddle… 😀

    All in all, even if this just to save face, it’s a good outcome – for Eddie, Nine, for Johnny and the audience – he’s an interesting and entertaining chap, I might even tune in.

  4. Lol this is funny and totally predictable!
    The Weir thing pushed the ratings up, Nine couldn’t let the golden goose go (actually some would say it is Everywhere Eddie that’s the Goose!!).

  5. Would he have been on the olympic team, had last weeks events not have happened? I think not.

    For me, the real test will be if/when he’s asked to be a guest on the footy / AFL show.

    This is definite overcompensation.
    Whats next? A super extended coverage of the sydney mardi-gras?

    I’m So ready to move on from this.

  6. OMG! Talk about going overboard. If only Nine put this much effort into satisfying their viewers. This is just ridiculous. I have no problem with the guy, just the way Nine are sucking up. They are doing it to look good to other countries who played the story about last weeks issue.

    Really, since when did they need someone on the Olympics to give a “unique take on figure skating, fashion and all things Olympic Games”

  7. umm..its…its…its…just…What?

    i dont really know what to make of this. I sure Nine are sorry, but do they have to go this far? All a bit strange to me.

  8. Good luck Johnny. Eddie Everywhere tries so hard to be every ones mate.. but he has no conecpt of what it takes to relate to y or even X generation. Or for that matter any generation!

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