Lydia Lassila wins gold for Australia

Lydia Lassila has won Gold for Australia at the Winter Olympics.

The Women’s Aerial jumper has come back from a knee reconstruction to take the Gold, defeating two Chinese competitors who had to settle for Silver and Bronze.

Lassila was secured of a Silver by the second last jump but the leader from China, was yet to jump -only to fall on the landing.

She becomes the second Aussie after Alisa Camplin to ever win the event.

Aussies Jacqui Cooper finished fifth and Elizabeth Gardner finished twelfth.

The win takes our medal tally to 2 gold and 1 silver, the best result for Australia at a Winter Olympics.

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  1. @Jimmy: it’s mainly because that in Australia, not many people get the chance to practice snow sports because we hardly have much snow. Winning 2 gold and a silver for a country with a hot climate is pretty darn good. Congrats to Lydia. Channel 9 is like replaying it 1000 times.

  2. jimmy. where do we live in. when winter comes around most parts of autralia are lucky to get rain let alone snow. we will never be a top ranked nation in winter sports

  3. @Jimmy, you kidding??? 2 gold and 1 silver is awesome for a country that has what 2 areas that get snow for like 2 months. Britain are below us, as are Poland, and the Czech Republic and they get snow all the time.

  4. The Nine commentators shortly after the last Chinese jumper crashed, handing gold to Lydia:

    Eddie McGuire: “Alisa, tell us what happened”
    Alisa Camplin: “Xinxin just ate snow, that’s what happened”

  5. Absolutely fantastic !!! Great jumps and so well deserved !!

    I have to laugh however as we took a deal for the last week of the Olympics so we could watch on Foxtel (hopefully to get away from Eddie) …….LO and Behold Eddie is the Co-Commentator with Alisa Camplin – who is so knowledgeable – and Eddie never shut up rambling on the whole time……..Phew ! !

  6. Damn. Wanted to watch this as live, but forgot about TV Tonight being the home of sports news! lol.

    Oh well, not your fault, just the eggheads at Nein who discourage live sport in WA.

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