Mick Molloy’s right of reply

Mick Molloy last night returned to Nine’s Olympics coverage after a lightning fast trip to the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Appearing alongside Leila McKinnon, he finally got a chance to respond to the controversy which had followed him since Eddie McGuire’s cracks on Johnny Weir landed them both in headlines.

“By the way, can I just say… can I address this quickly these allegations of homophobia, that have dogged me in the press for the last 3 days?” said Molloy.

“It’s quite distressing, because those people who know me know there’s not a homophobic bone in my body, it’s just not the way I roll and I never want anything to do with that kind of stuff.

“If you don’t believe me ask my boyfriend. He’s mortified by the whole thing.”

Molloy was up front and sincere with his statement.

Last week it was actually Molloy, on air, who seemed to recognise there was a line about how far to take the joke.

EDDIE: They don’t leave anything in the closet either do they? [Laughs].
MICK: They [laughs], well they — careful you’ll get yourself into trouble there…


  1. Man, some people just dont seem to understand….
    As a gay man, i think that it is fine, to some extent, to make gay jokes, particularly if they are ironic and particularly if they are made by people who already have a proven track record of being in harmony with the gay community.
    Eddie Maguire disgusted me with his comments. As an executive for Channel 9, and as a figurehead of the AFL, he has a duty and responsibility to set an example for people, and ensure that his comments do not perpetuate stereotypes of Any minority. Particularly when a huge chunk of his support (esp. in the AFL) is from kids and youth.

  2. This guy has fallen so far, this “controversy” would be a blessing. Yes, I was a great fan of “The Late Show” but as someone pointed out earlier, without Tony Martin, Molloy’s game is up.

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