Returning: Animal Emergency

Unaired episodes of Animal Emergency will return to Nine on Sunday arvos.

Unaired episodes of Animal Emergency will return to Nine in the low-level timeslot of 5pm Sundays from February 21st.

The show first appeared in 2008 hosted by Georgie Parker.

It will replace episodes of Airline.

Little dog Sasha has been rushed to hospital when he stopped breathing and vets are at a loss to know why. Also, Family cat Jeda appears to have been bitten by a snake, it will be touch and go to see if Jeda is strong enough to rejoin the family at home.

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  1. This show is rubbish, pure fictional story lines written by producers who have no idea about dogs (especially ‘pitbulls’). Popeye featured on tonights show was neither aggressive or vicious, he was a poor thing in huge pain, any dog or mammal would be with those injuires.

    Well done on another ignorant demonisation of a beatufil dog and breed.

  2. Shardy if you read this please please conatct me, I had a cockatoo too as a child and young adult and understand your angst and worry for your baby, I really would like to help you both with some Bach flower remedies and it would be my pleasure to gift this to you both.

    I have helped many many animals and people with these wonderful remedies and my heart went out to you and your bird baby.

    If the website master could be kind enough to pass my details on I would love to help you both.

    With the kindest Regards

    Michelle Gale

  3. I am with Travis.Anything has got to be better than two and a half men.

    Off the topic a little that Charlie Sheen Marathon gets more airtime today than Humphrey Bear got in the forty something odd years the lovable Icon was with Nine(Humphrey that is not Charlie)

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