Returning: Mercy

The doctor, or more to the point, the nurse, is in.

US drama Mercy (which had a bit of a mercy killing on Seven late last year) will return on 7TWO.

The show is back 9:30pm Wednesday February 17th 7TWO following Lost. It returns with episode seven.

“Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica”
Sonia tries to cope with her past. Veronica and Mike are reunited by a Flanagan family crisis. Sonia is faced with treating her high school rival who arrives in the ward as a patient.


  1. To Craig:

    It’s very unlikely that Mercy will be renewed for a second season, it struggled to get viewers in the least competitive timeslot on the main 5 days of primetime (Sunday-Thursday) it’s garbage compared to past NBC hospital dramas, like Quincy MD, St. Elsewhere and most importantly ER, plus it’s getting even more pummelled now that The Middle is picking up some legs and American Idol will air against it.

    THe only and literally the only reason Mercy might have a chance at renewal is because of Leno’s cancellation, and they need a show at 10pm. The Marriage Ref will get slaughtered at 10pm, it’s a comedy reality TV show, it belongs on MTV at 8pm.

  2. One week is alright, but when almost half the other countries air it only hours and 1 or 2 days, it does make us look bad.

    I hope the last episode does air hours after the US. They cant think waiting a week for the last episode will work, there’ll be so much press.

  3. @Belinda – I haven’t watch last night Letterman yet, good thing I just got back from the US 🙂

    ITA it will happen even with just 1 week delay, IMO 7TWO should have used the 2nd week to catch up so they were just hours behind the US. There as no planned breaks until the end of the series in May.

    Has Mercy been renewed for it’s 2nd season yet?

  4. That is exactly why is should air there instead of Sorpranos for example it is different to Gangs of oz and besides nothing wrong with a bit of variety in a schedule instead of same shows airing one after the other. Also some of you Lost fans really are the living end I mean 8 days your getting worked up over having to wait 8 days some shows you have to wait 2 or more years are little gratitude would go a long way.

  5. The flow really isn’t right on wednesdays. 7two really don’t have it right do that. They should sack that program director its doing an absolute shocking job. Lost then Mercy? I guess one positive is that is completely opposite to what is on the main channel (Gangs of Oz)

  6. So there are no plans to catch up on Lost episodes that week. Letterman spoiled the first Lost episode last night. Expect that to happen more and more as things build toward the finale.

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