Returning: Moomba Street Parade

Melbourne viewers will finally get to see the Moomba Street Parade back on their screens after years of being absent from television.

Moomba has also reinstated the King and Queen of Moomba in Molly Meldrum and Kate Ceberano.

“Kate, I’m absolutely knocked out that you are the queen of Moomba,” Meldrum has said.

“Let’s face it, you’re far more talented a queen than I could ever be.”

It will air on Seven Melbourne 11am Monday March 8th, hosted by Andrew O’Keefe, Jennifer Keyte together with Rebecca Madden, Coxy, Matthew “Richo” Richardson and Nuala Hafner. Check local guides.


  1. Yeah newtaste I agree… I’d much rather watch infomercials or another cooking show that I can’t find on any other channel than something a little different.

  2. I do have fond memories of watching the parade as a kid and it was on all four stations. Back then they used to have flotaes with tv stars in them, like Number 96, The Sullivans and Young Talent Time. The one year Dad did take us we hardley saw anything, so it was better on tv.

  3. Great news–this is sure to help give Moomba the public profile it once had in Melbourne.

    Once upon a time all the commercial networks had coverage of the parade (by some freak of nature I still have a video of the 1985 procession hosted by Pete Smith and Philip Brady, probably the last of the classic parades before it became too expensive for decent floats and corporate cost cutting behind the scenes)

    For those who have the day off in Melbourne, one can watch the Moomba Parade and then, for contrast, watch another parade happening also live on the other side of the world — the Academy Awards.

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