Returning: Survivor

The latest season of Survivor, “Heroes vs Villains” will air on Nine from Tuesday March 9th.

The reality series will premiere at 8:40pm following a new episode of Top Gear -and by the looks of things, Nine will be running a 70 minute episode of the motoring show. Nine has maintained it didn’t make cuts to the first episode which aired last week.

The big audience lead-in should help Survivor which has not been given such a profile timeslot by Nine in the ratings season for some years.

Two episodes of the new season have aired in the US so far. The “Heroes vs Villains” edition sees the return of many famous players including Rupert, Boston Rob, Coach, Parvati, Stephanie, Colby, Amanda, Sugar JT and ‘Samoan’ villain Russell.

It kicks off with a two hour season premiere, as per the US launch.


  1. oh poo. Excited to have this back, but….. I record NCIS and watch 24 and The Sopranos, and now Brothers and Sisters is on at 9.30, and the mother watches Grey’s, and now Survivor.

  2. Yay!
    Love the timeslot, works well for me (except for Brothers & Sisters clashing at 9:30 but that’ll be for one week only unless they decide to run double eps every week to catch up to the US).

    So excited. Hoping it rates well. Don’t think it will beat NCIS in the ratings but hoping that it beats Grey’s Anatomy. Has a good lead-in from Top Gear which should help it get more than 1 mil.

    Now if Seven would just announce when TAR returns!!

  3. @ Ray,

    No there is no Johhny Fairplay in Heroes V Villians, despite him being used in promotional material as he was mentioned in the Documetary “Surviving Survivor” which aired in the US the week before Heroes V Villians started.

    It has been previously mentioned in interviews by Jeff Probst that Fairplay will never be welcome to return for another series after him quitting Fans Vs Favourites (S16) only a few days in.

  4. The ratings dropped on Survivor because Nine were waiting too long to air the episodes and the entire internet was one giant spoiler.

    They also had a few average seasons and Australian Survivor left a dull taste in everyone’s mouth.

  5. Finally Nine is doing something about Tuesday nights, why on earth they stopped showing Survivor years back is beyond me… obviously didn’t realise it was a ratings winner perhaps ?

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