Returning: The Simpsons

Yep....The Simpsons to its traditional 6pm slot on TEN as of Monday night. And Biggest Loser repeats during arvos.

TEN is tweaking its early evening schedule by returning The Simpsons to its traditional 6pm slot as of Monday night.

It’s back with “Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.”

Malcolm in the Middle will no longer screen at 6pm, as the network seeks to improve its evening share.

TEN is also adding The Biggest Loser repeats to 3pm weekdays bumping Judge Judy out of schedule, and where a 1 hr episode airs, Dharma & Greg is also out.

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  1. Unfortunately the only biggest losers are going to be Channel 10 for replacing Judge Judy with The Biggest Loser.

    We will now be switching over to you competitor stations during this period (as will most of our extended family who all love Judge Judy)

  2. Not More Biggest Loser.It was bad enough losing the Simpsons for It on Monday and Wednesday Nights but to drop Judge Judy for it is disgraceful.this is one of the few shows which is not for mothers with small children on at 3pm on a weekday.

  3. If they rest the 7pm Project The Worse Thing is all the would be viewers would switch over to the Charlie Sheen a Thon 2.5 Men on Nine given the only other alternative is that garbage known as Home and Away(I haven’t watched that crap in years and don’t intend to)

  4. Because we need repeats of repetitve weight loss show…?

    Person A ran
    Person B ate fatty foods
    Person C cried because they missed their family
    Person D cried because a family member died due to their overweightness
    Person E did lifted a 5kg dumbbell 50 times
    Person F broke through a pain barrier and finally learned that they had feet…

    And that’s the storyline of Every episode… 7 times a week! At least Law and order airs only once a week and finishes at 8:30… and not at 8:45…

  5. No offence to Simpsons fans But Ten Seriously needs to go back to the drawing board for a fresh and new 6pm Programme.
    How about another attempt at a dating show or something else Simpsons Repeats are getting old in the tooth

  6. Ten needs to put the 7pm project on ice, then return Biggest Loser to 7pm. They need to do that to salvage the show. If they let it run any longer at 7.30pm it will never recover.It will never get the numbers it needs. Re runs wont help it.

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