Returning: Wilfred

Television's most irascible, offensive, lazy, cynical and pot-smoking mutt is coming back.

Television’s most irascible, offensive, lazy, cynical and pot-smoking mutt is coming back.

Wilfred returns for his long-awaited second series on SBS in early March.

The new series written by and starring Jason Gann and Adam Zwar has been a long time in the making. It’s been nearly three years since we last saw new episodes.

But the man-in-dogsuit comedy is like no other premise, and this season he has a bunch of celebrity guests in tow including Stephen Curry, Samuel Johnson, Josh Lawson, Dan Wyllie, Kim Gyngell, Ditch Davey and Alex Menglet.

There are 8 episodes, including several that will see Wilfred in different corners of the country.

A gorgeous cat that steals Wilfred’s heart, rehab, a road trip and an unplanned pregnancy – welcome to series two of Wilfred, where your heart will be ripped-out, marinated and then restored over eight hysterical weeks. Angry, loveable, hate-filled, sad, gorgeous Wilfred returns with his fighting gloves on for the show’s much-anticipated second instalment as does his owner, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Adam, who stagger toward their wedding-day. Joining-in on all the fun are a gladbag of guest characters including Sarah’s nudist parents, Wilfred’s domineering Dad, Richmond’s sexiest cat, an animal nutritionist and a handful of dogs who fight, fornicate and make friends with Australia’s favourite mutt.

SBS ONE is currently airing season one on Monday nights and the new season begins 10pm March 8th (watch out for the obligatory ‘C’ word!).

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  1. I just heard about season 2, got excited, googled and got a possum with its a*se eaten out of it; nothing!

    Clever show, makes me proud to be a under acheiving middle income coach dweller when I can spend 30 mins watching TV that is as brilliant as this show. Although, if it tries to be smarter than the first season, dont get me wrong because I will still watch it; but my pride will return to the level I feel when i watch Lost.

    Big Up Jason! Swings and round abouts son, swings and roundabouts!

  2. I am so excited to have Wilfred back. For a single woman with a best friend for a dog this show really made me think…. not to mention laugh!!! This humour makes you see how fantastic and fresh the Australian scene still is. Well done guys. Thanks for giving us another round of Wilfred adventures. Can’t wait to buy the 2nd season on DVD.

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