Seven’s Kitchen on the rise

My Kitchen Rules is rising like a soufflé for Seven. The Today show beat Sunrise, and TEN has a disappointing Monday.

As 2010 audience trends continue to settle, it’s good news for Seven but not so good for TEN on Mondays. And Nine had good news in the morning.

My Kitchen Rules
is rising like a soufflé for the network. The reality show took a cool 1.47m last night, as the night’s #1 show. Seven also introduced 5 new teams to the gameplay surprising both contestants and viewers. The show beat Two and a Half Men / The Big Bang Theory (1.32m / 1.08m) and thrashed The Biggest Loser (658,000). TEN’s reality show even trailed in the demos.

But The Mentalist (1.22m) defeated Desperate Housewives (1.08m) and Good News Week (829,000 for 90 minutes).

TEN’s other early evening shows continue to struggle: The 7PM Project (676,000), Neighbours (658,000), The Simpsons (543,000) despite TEN News being its biggest show for the night (896,000).

Nine’s Olympics highlights took 848,000 in the evening while the live daytime sessions averaged 366,000.

No doubt boosted by its Olympics link, Today (390,000) beat Sunrise (332,000) nationally.

Australian Story had 872,000 for ABC1 while Man v Wild continues to stay as SBS’ top show on 485,000, now higher than Mythbusters (373,000).

Week 8

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  1. My Restaurant Rules was better because this tv series had five couples, one each from each state, to compete against each other in opening a successful restaurant.( this was a better format).
    After a number of weeks the elimination process begins in which the restaurants (and their owners) are reviewed and judged for nomination.
    The nominated restaurants would then compete for votes from a phone poll.
    The winner would then move on to the next round and the loser would shut down. Then Australia decides which restaurant closes by voting. So the voting process would continues until a single competing restaurant remains.

  2. Hey David

    Just curious, especially as you’re an objective eye and know alot more about these things than the rest of us, as to what you would believe TEN needs to do to fix their Monday Night/Ratings issue if you think this is becoming the trend. If not, then this question is probably redundant, but just thought it’d be a great question to ask?

  3. one thing that annoys everyone is that tv shows never start and finish on time. Maybe to distinguish itself channel ten, should advertise as someone who runs shows on time according to the guide. this means a show meant to start at 830 starts at 830 and finshes exactly at 930. it would not mean a massive ratings rise, but i think it is a start in the right direction.

  4. The Biggest Loser doesn’t cut it as a five day a week 7.30pm show – bite the bullet Ten and rid yourself of the 7PM Project albatross and put Loser back where it belongs

    I know it’d give them a headache with drama quota points but Neighbours should go after Bold at 5; run the news for an hour from 5.30 and find a new alternative for the 6.30 slot – surely there is something Ten could find that offers viewers an alternative to the taboid junk current affairs shows on Nine and Seven

  5. The GNW is the only thing that is not a crime show,boring documentary,news/current affairs type programme or something aimed mainly at women.
    They even manage to outdo some of the rubbish SBS throws at us in that first hour.

  6. I have been a loyal Neighbours fans for years but the story line of Steph having a one night stand with Dan, conceiving his child, and then faking a relationship with Toadie to cover it all up to protect Libby is just ludracris. I should switch to John Stewart on the comedy channel.

  7. Maybe 10 need to move their news into the mix at 6pm. I like the hour long news rather than the carbon copy 7 & 9 versions of news followed by their carbon copy “affairs”advertorials.

    5 to 6 Bold and the (not so) beautiful & neighbours
    6 to 7 Ten news hours
    7 on The 7pm project

    Just a thought. Besides, what the hell would I know, lol !

  8. After I don’t know how many years of watching Neighbours I have stopped this year, not seen one episode. The promos before the season started really put me off with the same story lines over and over again. I have friends who have done the same.

  9. The problem with neighbours (for almost 7 years now) is that they give far too much away in the promos (to entice people to watch) which means there are no surprises on the show anymore and there no reason to watch. Like movie trailers that give far too much away or show all of the good stuff.

    Plus they are scraping the barrel with the “talent” pool these days.

  10. Good to see neighbours pick up in the viewers, hopefully it doesnt follow last weeks trend and settle to a low 500k by friday. When neighbours has some solid story lines it can be great australian drama. Also good consistent ratings for GNW they should be happy.

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