Steve Price to attend Mardi Gras

Exclusive: Following a remark criticising Sydney's G&L Mardi Gras, Steve Price has accepted an invite from The 7PM Project to see the event for himself.

EXCLUSIVE: Outspoken commentator Steve Price will attend the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade for the very first time as a guest of The 7PM Project.

The former Sydney radio host recently appeared on the TEN show and made a dismissive comment on the Parade during a discussion on the demise of the Rock Eisteddfod:

Dave Hughes: $4m bucks is quite a bit of money though. I had no idea it cost that much.

Steve Price: Well how much money does the New South Wales government toss into the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that no-one wants to watch?

Dave Hughes: I have no idea…

Charlie Pickering: Maybe for an event we put the Eisteddfod up against the Mardi Gras and see who’s got the best dancers?

Dave Hughes: Don’t tell me you don’t go to that Mardi Gras?

Steve Price: Uhhh… no.

The remark sparked an angry response from viewers of the show. On The 7PM Project‘s own website, over 150 comments have debated the moment under the thread “Should they get rid of the homophobic Steve Price?”

Rachel763 said: “Absolutely get rid of him. I nearly fell off my chair when he said that. I hope the dead silence from the rest of the panel after he said it made him feel suitably ashamed of his bigoted views.”

Bel777 said: “The contempt in his voice when he said that about the Mardis Gras was ridiculous. Shaft the idiot.”

Stevepriceisare said: “Switched off immediately afterwards. If the rest of the panel cant be bothered acknowledging the remark than they are just as bad.”

Caseynorm said: “The 7pm Project would be making a big mistake if they were to invite Steve Price back to the show. He has displayed his appalling views now and someone needs to remind him it is 2010.”

Jamesmatthews10 said: “Tonight was the first time I have actually watched the 7pm Project. I have to say I’m not impressed. Within the first 10 minutes I felt insulted by Channel 10.”

In response the fury, producers of The 7PM Project have since invited Price to attend the parade to see the event this Saturday night for himself.

TV Tonight understands Price has accepted. Will it change his outlook at all?

He will be joined by other TEN personalities for footage to be shown early next week.

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  1. correct me if i’m wrong but we still live in democratic society and wheather we agree or disagree with steves views peoplle still die for all off us to do and be and say what we like if you choose to judge him for his own personal views then you become a judge also don’t judge lest we be judged

  2. Lovely photo you chose for this article. His comment was ignorant. At least the Mardi Gras brings a decent amount of tourism dollars to the NSW and Australian economy. How it relates to the topic at hand I am not sure. But judging by that photo he needs a good dose of prunes and stool softeners.

  3. Oh sorry, I thought Steve had issued some sort of terrorist threat, instead it turns out he simply made a comment on the government’s funding of a particular public event and as a result he is more of a wanted man than osama bin laden.

  4. Just another homophobic radio jock (coz there aren’t many of those around these days).

    @John: I too feel confused as to what good Steve Price offers society other than his miserable views and complaining.

  5. Steve Price is incapable of contributing positively to society.

    As a political and social commentator he is cluess and completely unaware of facts.

    Every time I see him on 7PM project I’m very disappointed they invite him back.

  6. What is it with tv’s eagerness to have radio shock jocks on their show? Sunrise is appalingly bias towards whatsisname in Melbourne. They don’t work. I don’t want him to goto Mardi Gras as it will give him more reason to spu hate after he has been there. I will eat my hat if he goes on air after the parade and sings it’s praises and is all ‘so much love in the air and I have been misguided my whole life. I apologize to anybody I have hurt over the years’.

  7. Price is a knob – i wouldn’t further stoop to his level to invite him to come see the Mardi gras – he would only hangout with Fred Nile. The best tv argy bargy ive seen this season so far Andrew Bolt -v- Steve Price on 7pm project – too knobs together!

  8. Price needs to wise up and actually find out how much money is really given to Mg from the Government. For one, the parade and festival has brought tourist dolars here for years, especially in it’s golden years. Just because there’s no pope to be it’s pin up star, doesn’t make it any less a worldwide event.

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with him saying that he personally doesn’t go to the Mardi Gras, however the event attracts quite a considerable amount of spectators and tourism for the event to be viable. To oppose funding does indicate that he could be homophobic.

    I don’t know why they bother having Price on the 7PM Project anyway, he is a reactionary and his statements defy logic. I’d rather hear Andrew Bolt for a conservative point of view, he at least outlines his positions on his blog so you know where he stands and why.

  10. I hate Price, but I did not think that there was all that much wrong with a guy saying that he does not watch the Mardi Gras. If you replace ‘Mardi Gras’ with Any other event, no one cares, this is a non issue.

    For example:
    Steve Price: Well how much money does the New South Wales government toss into the – NRL Grand Final – that no-one wants to watch?

    Dave Hughes: I have no idea…

    Dave Hughes: Don’t tell me you don’t go to the NRL Grand Final?

    Steve Price: Uhhh… no.


  11. Steve Price is a vile, humourless, no-talent idiot. He has just spent the last eight years failing spectacularly as a shock jock on Sydney radio. I believe he has gone back to Melbourne to inflict his bile on poor, unsuspecting radio listeners there. You just have to take a look at his constantly scowling, bitter face to see what a sour, reactionary wowser he is.

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