Sunrise wakes to Saturdays

A Saturday edition of Sunrise will debut this week, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

How the move will impact on Saturday Disney, which has been running for 19 years remains to be seen. In December it moved to 7am as its new start-time, the same time that Weekend Today airs.

The battle for breakfast has never been tighter. Despite Sunrise‘s new-look set and format revamp, this week the difference narrowed to as close as 5,000 with Today on Tuesday.

Andrew O’Keefe and Samantha Armytage are tipped to follow their Sunday roles with the Saturday edition.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. is ch 7 trying to piss parents off? theres only now one channel for kids and thats abc2, which some people dont have the set top box yet. i can remember when i was a kidlette that i would wake up in the morning, dont wake up my folks and watch cartoons like saturday disney.
    now there have moves disney to 9am, sorry wrong time, i would say 9am is when the folks start doing thing, so its like “sorry kid, we have to go food shopping or drop you off at swimming lessons” i mean what the hell why are they repeating old footy shows, oh my lord!!

    I think saturday disney needs to go back to basic which i mean look at the 1990’s, saturday disney then had wonderful “cartoons” not live tv shows, i think that maybe there should b two shows one with young kids cartoons then follow up with a tween show with the live shows like hannah montana.

  2. I am quite annoyed by this change as I wake up every Saturday morning to watch Saturday Disney! After that they normally play a Disney movie…now with this change this won’t happen. It is the best day of the week coz sunrise isn’t on for my mum to turn the chanell. I feel that it is selfish as sunrise is already on nearlly everyday so why not give us kids a chance to watch what we want to brighten the start of our weekend off!

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