Supernatural set to reappear

Supernatural fans you have been heard.

After ongoing protests online about the disappearance of the series from TEN, the network is poised to return the show.

Fans have been furious since TEN dropped the show in summer along with Stargate Universe.

TV Tonight understands the show will be returning soon to a late Monday night slot following the exit of Ross Noble’s Australian Trip.

TEN has the Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Roadshow airing on March 15.

Not back on yet March 22nd sorry…. hang in there.


  1. I’ve seen up to episode 11 b.c I have good friends who knew i was too antzy without the supernatural fix…At last i can watch Chennel Ten again…refused until they brought out boys back

  2. I’m pretty happy about this I’m from England and have to watch the show on FX until i found a site that streams it. Went to tune in a while back and it said it wouldn’t be back on for a month! Couldn’t believe it in England when we have a series its played week in and week out till it finishes! still at least they are putting it back up :).

  3. About bloody time.

    Fans have been furious since TEN dropped the show in summer along with Stargate Universe….. I reckon

    Wishful thinking but they had better treat it right…. with respect, and consistant time slot and also advertising….

    i am so unbelievably happy with it’s return.. i have been bored for too long and it is unfair that we have had wait so long,and as this shows, the fans decication to this show has paid off once again and proves once again how wrong and niave ten are… It still sucks that it is not fast tracked and are still so far behind, which helps rating none t all,… which i think is unfair on the sn team, because its not htem who have been disappointing us.. its that damn station… so hooray

  4. @Goonies& pretty much anyone else sniping at the fans: If Ten had left it initially back in Season 3 and not messed around with air times. days and taking the show off sporadically, this cycle would not have started.

    Those of us who ARE complaining do watch it, religiously, however ratings aren’t an accurate portrayal of who’s watching what, especially seeing as there’s only a small cross section of the community with these “ratings boxes” in their living rooms. I’ve never seen one, nor do I believe I ever will, therefore I doubt their actual existance.

    The reason SN was taken off after Xmas was a menial drop in ratings. This was most probably due to the fact that it aired on the Monday (a public holiday in the Holiday Period), played a big part in this, a part Ten failed and refused to recognise. The reruns of Speed and Double Jeopardy didn’t fare much better in ratings, therefore keeping SN on TV would have made sense, as the following week most people would be back in their normal routines.

  5. Listen to the fans again so that none of them watch it again and it gets taken off air again and then the fans complain again and on and on.

    Starting to sound like a vicious circle to me.

  6. Great news! Thats if channel 10 do what they say, but lets not hold our breath. I’ll believe it when i see it. Maybe then i’ll start watching channel 10 again!

  7. You blogged, sent us postcards, rang us ten times a day, wrote us letters, rang us, blogged, tweeted, facebook grouped, petitioned, 50 page commented on our own forums….. and 2 months later we kind of listened.

    Thankyou Channel Ten for not really following up on your claim.

  8. yet another show that fta TV has messed around with and I’ve caught up with the eps from the States…. you’re ruining (another) good show ch10 by putting it on at 10pm or later…. why do you continue to do it? I thought that the new channels would fix all these issues, but I think we need some more and Seven2 and GO! are only playing old school stuff now and repeats of movies…. You own all those extra channels, use them already!!

  9. Great news. Although that now makes 3 of my favourite shows that Ten puts on at 10pm (Burn Notice and White Collar). Still, at least they’re there. Now hopefully they’ll stop mucking around with it and leave it alone.

  10. Yes alfagirl, my churlishness is obviously another excuse scifi fans can make when they avoid watching on Ten because of all things a commercial break is played, the very thing that gets you a free play.

    While many question whhy ONE satys on weel, it’s hard to download or stream a live sporting event in HD compared to a us sitcome, drama etc. You could imagine which advertisers are more keen to use and which produces revenue for ten.

  11. Have recently got back into this series – its really good, apart from the deranged 12 year old fans who drool over Sam and Dean as meat puppets and the fact that only around 5-6 episodes of every season actually has something add to the plot and the rest are standalone fillers. The new season of Lost has also put the show back on track after a horrible season 5.

  12. Too late already caught up. My friend will be happy though.

    Channel 10 has also got “Angel” very late Friday nights yay.
    They brought it back about 2 weeks ago.
    I know its old but I still like watching it again.

    As for SGU I don’t think it will be back on FTA for a long time if its going to foxtel in April.

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