Television City was Australia’s Hollywood

There’s a lovely little story in today’s Age about memories of GTV9, which has been conditionally sold to Lend Lease developers.

The legendary Pete Smith says the “Television City” tag it pinched from CBS gave the network “sparkle.”

Studio 9 has always been the centre of live television in Australia, the home of big names like Kennedy, Lane, Newton, Somers … even Sam Newman has 16 years of live television under his belt there.

The Wertheim Piano Factory, built in 1908 by the grandfather of former premier Jeff Kennett (who knew?), has for years been like stepping into Hollywood for many Melbourne audiences. They have trudged up and down Bendigo Street amid terrace houses to see the lights turn on and variety spring to life. But as affectionate as it still is for audiences, the truth is that many who work there view the grand old lady as a dinosaur, envious of the shiny toys that Seven plays with at Docklands.

Nine’s future however may very well be a scaled down version of its current self. While it will need a permanent News studio, it may opt for the hiring of Central Studios for big events, just as TEN is doing for Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

Under the financiers that already own Nine, Television City is but a distant memory. It’s about to get a whole lot more fuzzy.

Source: The Age


  1. You surely have a point there ducko, the information about the Television city was quite interesting one but the verdict of being the Australian Hollywood was not an appropriate one. Hollywood is related to movies whereas here Studio 9 takes up most of the credit of having worked at this place and is related to the television scenario.

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