The City ready to GO!

GO! will soon be screening MTV reality series The City.

The spin-off from The Hills follows the changing life and surroundings of Whitney Port as she moves to the bright lights of Manhattan to work for fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.

22 episodes from 2008 – 2009 have aired in the US, with a second series said to be due.

No airdate for this one yet.


  1. Speaking of HD and I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there any reason why Ch9 can’t put their normal programmes on when there’s cricket? As I checked and unlike the tennis on Ch7 cricket isn’t filmed in HD. It’s just annoying when there’s someone good on Ellen or The View and we miss out due to cricket.

  2. @Stephen H, 9’s third channel has to be in HD, networks are only allowed 2SD and 1HD and the normal channel 9 has to be in SD, and because Go! is in SD they have to use 9HD, i wonder if they will change the name

  3. Does anyone think 9’s third channel will be decent I mean with all these movies, older shows and contempt shown to newer shows on GO surely they must be saving things for the new channel I mean won’t it be in HD. I really really want to believe this I really do.

  4. Yes GO still airs The Hills the scheduling was as followed at 11am on the 10th and 17th of January the last 2 eps of season 2 then on the 24th of January season 3 started continue with ep 2 on the 31st. Also GO was showing repeats at 1pm 2 eps on Tuesday 2 eps on Friday of older eps now they caught up they only screen on Tuesdays and today they are showing ep 1 and 2 of season 3 with ep 3 shown this Sunday then on Tuesday 9th they are showing ep 3 again with ep 4 the new episode following at 1:30pm which I assume will be repeated on Sunday the 12th.

  5. Wouldn’t it make sense to air this once they get to the episodes of the Hills when Whitney leaves or is this dazzling 9/GO with logic. Also expect it to air during the day like when the Hills does.

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