Ultimate Countdown for Seven?

The new clip show in development at Channel Seven is to be called The Ultimate Countdown.

TV Tonight hears the new clip show in development at Channel Seven is to be called The Ultimate Countdown.

The new show, currently at pilot stage, looks set to be the network’s own 20 to 1 though it is believed to have a point of difference that will attempt to make it unique. Hopefully that’s more substantial than that ridiculous “You voted Australia” on TEN’s failed Spearman Experiment.

This week Seven axed The White Room, which will not return to schedule despite a pilot and one more episode in the can. ICU has also been pulled after tonight, to return at a later date.

But the network shows no signs of slowing down on local production.

The Bounce and its NRL counterpart are in pre-production, while Seven is also planning a new drama based on the 1988 Walsh St police shootings.

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  1. I heard the police drama they are producing is basically to take the shine off underbelly and is from the cops perspective. OMG seven try and get your own ideas!!!

    White Room
    Ultimate Countdown
    Gangs of OZ
    NRL/AFL footy Show
    and police drama

    These are all ideas that nine and ten have done. Number 1 last year Number 3 this year!!!!

  2. Agree that it’s a boring idea. But I don’t think it will fail on Seven. Their audience will lap it up.

    Spearman failed because:
    a) They lied.
    b) It was really cheap and tacky even for a clip show.
    c) Gen Y have better things to do than watch crap television.

  3. “a point of difference that will attempt to make it unique” – hopefully there is more to this statement, rather than having the likes of Mel, Kochie, Grant Denyer or random Home & Away cast members giving their thoughts on whatever makes the list.

  4. I rather another Australian Drama I mean they use to go for 40 weeks every year the most recent being Blue Heelers and All Saints now the current dramas are only 22-26 episodes a season so surely we can add another new 1 I mean I like both Packed to the Rafters and City Homicide infact I have liked most of the recent Aussie dramas on 7 even Headland which no else seemed to like.

  5. @ nik c – yup I would always watch 20-1 but I’m well and truly over it unless there is something they haven’t done before or something tv related. I’m sick to death of all the “sexiest movie scenes in history” stuff..yawn!

    This show is on the road to failsville.

  6. Networks really ought to use their second digital channels as the testing ground for new shows. Ease up on the expense, experiment with ideas and content, see what the groundswell says, and when they iron out the teething problems, send them to the front lines with a full season order with an increased budget.

    Surely that would prevent the serious disappointment and upset of cancelling an expensive and heavily advertised flashy show before it even reaches episode 3.

  7. Not only are 7 copying Channel 9 programmes, they’re also replicating news promo’s. Anybody else notice the Chris Bath clip promoting her years of experience as a serious journalist?
    Sadly, these “years of experience” promo’s I hated on Nine. It just made me think that most of Nine’s news team needs to be retired.
    Maybe 7 need some original ideas or are they panicking that the gap is closing. Not so cocky now!

  8. I know it has been said before, but the networks have no respect or care for either the audience, or the talent that they chew up and spit out with their half baked ideas. I was not a fan of either of 7’s canned shows, but for any viewers who begin investing shows with enthusiasm and a regular viewing habit, suddenly find their program extinguished – given no time to develop, iron out teething problems etc. For the talent, it must be soul destroying – why must execs rush shows to air without proper development, nurture – they never learn!

  9. Noooooooooooo don’t do it!!! Cheap. Nasty. Rubbish. A big bowl of fail right there.

    The _only_ clip show you guys should be going for is TV Burp. And chuck it on 7TWO so it doesn’t have to rate 1,000,000 to be deemed successful.

  10. Hands up who will not be watching this!
    Why do they persist with this cheap rubbish. It will be full of C-Grade has-been/never-was celebrities, sports people and Channel 7 personalities.
    If they must put this on air, stick it somewhere in late night and put those shows on at a reasonable time.

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