Vale: Justin Mentell

27 year old US actor Justin Mentell, who played attorney Garrett Wells in Boston Legal from 2005 to 2006, has died following a car accident.

According to the accident report obtained by E! News, Mentell was said to be driving alone, without a seatbelt on when he drove off a steep embankment on a rural Wisconsin road.

“I’m deeply saddened to hear about Justin Mentell,” William Shatner wrote on Twitter. “There’s no telling how far up the ladder he may have climbed. My sympathies to his family.”

Most recently he had a role in the Nick Cage film G-Force.

Mentell was pronounced dead at the scene.

Source: EOnline, People


  1. This is horrible news. I’m making my way through BL season two at the moment and this guy is a great addition to the cast…solid comic timing, good acting. Now he’s gone. RIP

  2. Hate to correct you David but I think he was in the first half of the second season of BL…
    Either way a tragic loss he was great on the show one of the many characters that randomly disapeared before their storyline was wrapped…

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