XYZnetworks signs acquisition deal

XYZnetworks has signed a multi-year volume deal with distributor RDF Rights, part of the RDF Media Group, to acquire new titles.

The LifeStyle Channel, LifeStyle FOOD and LifeStyle YOU will now have access to titles including Location Location Location, The Secret Millionaire, Ladette to Lady, Wife Swap, Relocation Relocation, How to Look Good Naked, The House of Tiny Tearaways and Tough Love.

XYZ has agreed to a minimum of 300 hours of first run exclusive content across its portfolio of channels with equal footing to FTA television to acquire key titles.

Bruce Mann from XYZ said, “RDF is an important strategic partner and supplies many of our key shows. RDF consistently provides shows so well to brief that we wanted to further formalise our arrangements.”

Jane Millichip from RDF added, “XYZnetworks is one of our biggest clients, so we are delighted to formalise our relationship. There is an excellent fit between our programming and the XYZ portfolio, and we are always impressed by XYZ’s commitment to build our brands in the schedules.”

Shine Australia recently announced a deal with RDF Media to become producer of its formats locally.


  1. i guess it just means they have a formal agreement that RDF will give them first pickings for new seasons and new shows before other networks put a bid in and they can have first run rights before free to air is allowed to buy repeats

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