20 to 1: All Time Favourite TV Themes

Now here’s an episode of 20 to 1 that might be worth a look: All Time Favourite TV Themes.

From comedies to cop shows, these theme songs are so catchy you can sing them in your sleep. But what is the Number 1 TV theme?

Well Sherwood Schwartz would have to configure highly in this. As well as creating both The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island, he composed the theme tunes, both of which perfectly delivered the premise to the show in a catchy, succinct way. If you had never seen an episode before, these theme tunes made sure you knew what the show was within minutes.

Hill Street Blues is another iconic theme, this time instrumental, from Mike Post.

Before I get carried away and rattle off too many more, let’s hear some other suggestions?

This airs at 9:40pm Tuesday March 30th on Nine (which means no double Survivor that week).


  1. Ok I just watched it, but I only saw the top ten. All pretty good picks, imo, but I was slightly disappointed they only had themes with lyrics. Why?? When some of the greatest TV themes have no words.

    Was it so their “celebs” could sing along? After all it is kinda hard to sing along to Dr Who, Miami Vice, X Files etc etc. (sorry if any lyric-free themes did appear, I must have missed them).

  2. Did they show UK family drama/soapie? “Howard’s Way” here? That had a great theme tune with different arrangements. I remember buying it on an old fashioned 7 inch vinyl record as a kid.

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