20 to 1 TV Themes: the list

And here are the top TV Theme songs as selected by 20 to 1 with The Brady Bunch @ #1.

And here are the top TV Theme songs as selected by 20 to 1 last night.

Two weeks ago I was hinting The Brady Bunch should have been #1 and it was. Go Sherwood Schwartz!

Bit annoyed CSI is on the list, it wasn’t written for the show.

But where the hell was The Ballad of Jed Clampett?

#20. Friends

#19. The Muppet Show

#18. The Nanny

#17. Mr Ed

#16. CSI

#15. Green Acres

#14. Degrassi

#13. The Monkees

#12. Laverne and Shirley

#11. The Greatest American Hero

#10. Gilligan’s Island

#9. Skippy

#8. Cheers

#7. The Flintstones

#6. Neighbours

#5. Play School

#4. The Addams Family

#3. Happy Days

#2. The Love Boat

#1. The Brady Bunch

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  1. Tough for them, as there are obviously a lot of very famous themes around… But it’s hard to believe that The Simpsons and M*A*S*H were missing. Easily the two recognizable for me.

  2. I think if you watched the show you would have seen that the themes had to have lyrics to be included on the list….There are massive amounts of TV Themes that could have made the list if including instrumental, however you had to be able to sing along to them in order for them to make the cut.

    And the Prisoner theme is an End Credits Theme – not very exciting to watch a bunch of credits names over still photos now is it. There were alot of great themes left off the list, including many favorites, but at least 20 to 1 managed to have alot of variety, heck you could have filled the top 20 with shows formt he 60s or 70s alone, but then eveyone would whinge that 20 to only recylces old s**t. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

    And lets remember everyone has their opinions on what goes into the list, and noone is every happy with every choice, that is what makes watching the show so much fun, the discussion it creates! I’m pretty sure that even in the 20 to 1 office there would have been a lot of heated discussion about what should or shouldn’t make the cut. Give these people a little credit! Oh and Golden Girls should have been there!!!!

  3. the degrassi them that was mentioned on the show was the original Degrassi Junior High theme not Degrassi The Next Generation theme… Big big difference!

    Also as much of a Who fan as I am I agree the CSI theme should not be on the list, and if it had to be on there should have been the CSI New York theme, Baba O’Riley is a better song… side note: screw davd carusoe the guy is a douche!

  4. Friends at #20……………………. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
    probobly the most recognisable tune in TV history, and its all the way at the beggining? i would of thought at least top 10!!

    and i gotta say, seeing not just how popular the show is, but the theme song too, Family Guy should be there somewhere! plenty of people hate that show but sing the tune. cause its catchy! lol

    p.s. the love boat at #2?? cant remember how to sing that at allllllll. :\

  5. IMHO, the only theme that should definitely have been on the list but wasn’t is the one from M*A*S*H. Longevity of series run (plus all those repeats), it’s popularity, and it was a great tune.

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