7TWO hits 6.0%

On Saturday night 7TWO hit a big viewer share of 6.0% -the biggest audience yet reached by a digital channel.

On Saturday night 7TWO hit a big viewer share of 6.0% -the biggest audience yet reached by a digital channel.

It overshadowed the share of its direct competitors: GO! had 3.6%, ONE 2.4%, ABC2 1.9%, ABC3 0.6% and SBS TWO 0.4%. In fact it was only just behind SBS ONE on 6.4%.

The top show on 7TWO was A Touch of Frost on 253,000, pulling a huge 101,000 viewers in Melbourne alone. A week earlier it was 189,000 nationally. Heartbeat pulled another 200,000 while a week earlier it was the same at 199,000. Michael Palin’s New Europe took 111,000 (last week 134,000).

Comparatively the biggest audience on GO! was Frasier‘s 122,000, while ABC2’s top show for the day was kid’s show The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend on 131,000.

The size of the audience for 7TWO is indicative of the growing audience for digital channels. 61% of households have made the switch.

GO! Programmers will need to look closely at the big, and presumably older, audience 7TWO snared. In a tight week it would be enough to give the Seven Network a win over Nine.

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  1. I find this baffling as I rarely find anything worth waching on 7Two, but obviously that’s just me. I much prefer GO! and ABC2. I’ll admit that I’ve seen the same episodes of Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory on GO! several times (maybe rerun the new eps on GO! after they air on the main channel?), but it’s still better than Magnum PI or those crappy movies they’re always playing.

  2. RE: Old AFL games

    They’re shown overnight when very few are watching, and I’d much rather be watching that than home shopping which is what they will show.

    In fact, it’s funny how shows are seen to be popular on multi-channels when in reality they couldn’t cut it on main channels.

  3. 7two is so much better than GO! GO! is only good for vampire diaries…where 7two has less repeats and better shows… mercy , ugly betty, all my children,lost etc…GO! just repeats very old 60’s and 70’s shows boring…they need current shows and a better daytime line-up…

  4. It seems 7TWO is finally making some headway, pity it’s old rope like Frost and Heartbeat doing it for them though.

    I’m very impressed that they’re running Kings, really enjoyed the premiere the other night. I just love the idea that they made a program based on Bible stories, and had to tone it down as the original material is too violent! A real pity it got canned after the first season, in the Bible-bashing US of A yet…

  5. Isn’t ABC 2 all over the place a tiny bit…like Go!

    I mean they have classic movies on Saturday night some from 1930

    They then have art shows on Sunday night for older people .

    They then have stuff like Doctor Who which is for younger audiences.

    ABC 2 is getting better with all the stuff coming off Pay tv such as Colbert Report, Sanctuary etc etc etc

  6. 7 TWO has a better structure to their channel with soaps and cooking shows that aren’t in endless repeat mode in the arvo’s ..

    and the morning are old classic soaps.

    So no endless reruns like GO….

    However the shows on GO ! like Nip Tuck etc are more interesting then watching Heartbeat ….. most likely more interesting as I am in my 20’s so Hearbeat is more skewed towards my parents age group.

    Bring on the new channels ABC news, Ten 2 and Nine movies ?? that ought to stop people going to Foxtel !

    I don’t know why but I think Ten will go similar to Seven Two in how they will promote this channel and how they fill it with content. I hope they fill it with shows that used to be on their main channel. It may stop people watching their main channel but combined with One I think it could work well.

    If they do a business/finance channel on Ten’s third channel I will delete Channel Ten off my tv lol lol.

  7. I think some credit should go to Seven for promoting the second channel on their main channel. Nine (the channel, as opposed to the network) seems to all but ignore Go!

    As noted by posters, both Go! (and their endless reruns – get some new shows! I don’t mean the repeat of prime time, I think that’s genius) and 7TWO (ancient movies and old AFL games are a snoozefest) certainly need a lot of work. A bit more effort might just see them beating SBS.

  8. What all of this shows across the board is that while it took a real threat from Foxtel to wake them up, the tired old FTAs might by now have realised that formula TV programming driven by Herald Sun readers and 3000 bogan ratings box candidates just ain’t gonna cut it in the wider world.

    They’re going to actually have to try this year, rather than playing smear-the-opposition-and-photocopy-their-shows.

  9. @Andrew – Are you serious?? I switched over the other night and there was a black and white movie on that looked like it was made in the 20’s…… 7TWO had a good night…. but i wouldnt call their programming “pretty good” and “deserved”

  10. The problem with Go! is they are not sure really who/what demo they are going for.

    They have all of these old shows mixed in with cartoons and some new shows. What is their target demographic?? I think 7TWO is much clearer about this.

    I love Charlie’s Angels, but Go! has already shown the episodes that are on a few times already. I don’t know who is running programming over there, but they need to be fired soon.

    BTW – from what I hear, Nine’s new channel might be more youth-oriented with a link with MTV such as The Hills, The City and Jersey Shore. This means GO! will probably be rebranded.

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