Adam Lambert for Dance, Sunrise.

American Idol's Adam Lambert will appear on So You Think You Can Dance, Sunrise and make in-store appearances.

American Idol‘s Adam Lambert arrives in Sydney on Thursday and is set to appear on So You Think You Can Dance Australia later that night (yikes, jet lag).

He will also appear on Sunrise next Monday morning.

Sydney fans can also catch him signing copies of his album ‘For Your Entertainment’ at HUM on Oxford, Sydney, on Saturday, March 6th from 12pm.

He will also visit Melbourne on Tuesday with his itinerary yet to be confirmed (NB: I will update this post with the info later, so check back).

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  1. Thanks David for your quick response and info. Well that really sucks not happy Jan!! Would love to see him, if you hear anything or if anything changes please let us know. Yes i watched 7pm project hoping he would announce something. Thanks again xxx

  2. Hi David,

    Have you any updates as yet as to where Adam will be whilst in Melb. Would love to see him but really hard to find out where he will be?? Please help xxx

  3. Aurora apparently he is going to be on the Panel tomorrow night at channel 10 in South Yarra, A few Adam fans from his official website might be going and im still contemplating if it will be worth going, all the tickets for the panel are sold out and it will be a matter of going there and hoping we get the chance to see him 🙁

    Decisions Decisions……………..

    If your interesting in meeting up in South Yarra get back to me and I will give you my email and mobile number.

  4. So, he’ll be visiting radio stations then. Anymore news? Is that for sure that no in-store appearance? Very disappointed. That’s why I didn’t go to Sydney cos I thought he’ll do in-store in Melb. Waaaahhh!

  5. I am heartbroken hes not doing any instore appearences in Melb I was so wishing to meet him and so was my 17 year old son and my 13 yr old daughter..what a shame!!!!! 🙁

  6. Hey, is there any information available on the uest performers coming up on the 11th of March, know someone with tix and they want to know who will be perforimng.

  7. In response to laura “anyone know if he’s coming to south australia???? i screamed when i heard he was here….in our country…Yay!!! =)”

    His official site says Sydney and Melbourne. 🙂 for me, but 🙁 for anyone who misses out!

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