After Easter, it’s war.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re only three and a half weeks away from non-ratings again.

Yep, two weeks of Easter non-ratings begin on March 28th and end on April 10th. It barely feels like the television year has begun, and certainly with the Olympics it hasn’t been much of a level playing field.

Between now and then Nine is rolling out Top Gear, V and Survivor while Seven and TEN are by and large staying the course with shows already unveiled.

From April 11th the ball game changes. That’s when networks have a clear run right through to November 27th, giving them the green light to run events uninterrupted if they so choose.

While Nine has Underbelly, Seven has The Pacific and TEN has MasterChef. Wouldn’t it just be a viewer’s worst nightmare if all three were pitted head to head?

TV Tonight hears MasterChef Australia could be launching as early as mid-April. It is also expected to skip its auditions this year and open with the Top 50 contenders competing for final places.

Seven is promising a big event to media in late March, potentially the preview screening of the HBO miniseries The Pacific. It launches in the US on March 14th.

Nine is bound to unleash Underbelly as soon as Easter is over.

Other big guns yet to come include Hey Hey its Saturday, Packed to the Rafters and Glee -to name a few.

If you don’t have yourself a decent PVR yet, you have until April 11th to sort yourself out…


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