Airdate: Chelsea Sits Down

Chelsea Handler is stepping out from her chat show Chelsea, Lately for an interview special, Chelsea Sits Down.

Her guests include Robin Wright, Demi Moore and Bradley Cooper.

In her first primetime interview special, Chelsea takes a break from her signature tongue-in cheek look at entertainment news, celebrity truths and scandalous rumors, with a more serious, yet still humorous, approach with these A-list stars. Never one to shy away from a subject, Chelsea is the perfect person to sit one-on-one and ask these celebrities the questions that are really on her viewer’s minds.

The normally press shy Wright sits down to discuss one of Chelsea’s favorite performances of the year in the critically acclaimed film, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. The two also look back on some of Wright’s most memorable film roles and discuss her future plans. Additionally, showcasing one of the most sought after bodies in Hollywood, the ageless Moore stops by to talk about everything from her husband Ashton Kutcher to her upcoming role as Miley Cyrus’ mother to her title as the unofficial queen of Twitter. And finally, coming off of a very successful year since starring in The Hangover, Cooper candidly talks about how life has changed now that he is a household name and gives inside details on the preparations for the highly anticipated Hangover sequel.

It airs Sunday, March 14th at 7:30pm on E!


  1. Rove will be on the round table again next week with guest Avril Lavigne.

    We 3/17: Avril Lavigne, Sarah Colonna, Mo Mandel, Rove McManus

    That ep will air Friday 19th here.

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