Airdate: Community, The Inbetweeners

Two new comedies coming to GO! and an update for fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Community, starring Joel McHale as a fast-talkin’ lawyer whose degree has been revoked will premiere on GO! this month.

The series, which was just renwed for a second season, sees McHale’s character form a study group who learn more about themselves than their course work. It also features Chevy Chase and John Oliver from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It is created by Dan Harmon (The Sarah Silverman Show) and directed by Arrested Development’s Russo Brothers.

It will premiere 9pm Tuesday March 23rd followed by two episodes of The Inbetweeners at 9:30pm. This British comedy follows a group of teenage friends struggling through sixth form at school from E4. The series has had two series produced and was named Best New TV Comedy at the British Comedy Awards 2008, while a third series has been announced for 2010.

The season finale for Curb Your Enthusiasm follows at 10:30pm. A reminder the show returns tonight at 11pm on GO! then plays out March 15, March 22 and March 23.

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  1. Everybody needs to give Community a shot, a pity that Nine didn’t give it a go but it’ll get better treatment, it is turning into one of the better comedies on television.

  2. The Inbetweeners is by far and away the funniest show I have seen on TV in the longest time.

    Though I don’t think Tuesdays are the best; I would’ve liked to have seen both shows go to air on Sundays with the comedy night lineup.

    I have seen all of community as well and it took a bit to grow but has become a favourite of mine.

  3. David, do you know if ABC intends to continue with Season G of QI once Season F finishes? If they do, it will clash with The Inbetweeners, so I’ll have to record it and watch later.

  4. @ozzie, why would you think that? out of the 11 channels GO! is probably the least likely to give it a consistant slot, just look at how many changes Gossip girl and ER have had.

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