Airdate: Girl Racers

Next month FOX8 premieres New Zealand reality series Girl Racers which sees eight lovely ladies vying to become the nation’s ultimate motorsport racer.

Hosted by Andrew Eggelton, they go head-to-head in a series of challenges from rally driving to drifting, Formula 1 Challenge to stock car racing. Not sure how it results in any prize of any substance but the viewers probably won’t mind.

More accustomed to lycra than flame proof race suits, Girl Racers stars Bartercard Miss Indy 2007 Kate Hockly, pint-sized Celebrity Treasure Island contestant Carena West, Australian Chiko Chick Annette Melton, Wellington promo princess Emma Law, Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2008 Gale Chan, TV presenter Luna Rioumina, RALPH model Gemma Farrell and UK Pin Up Kelly Windsor.

At the end of each episode one contestant will be sent home, until just three girls remain in the game to face-off in the grand final at Taupo Motorsport Park. The winner of the series will receive an adrenaline-filled Australian adventure holiday with a nod to motor racing thanks to Total Experience, and the honour of being the nation’s fastest Girl Racer!

It starts April 2, Fridays at 9.00pm.


  1. Gillian Davey - Aus

    When is Australia going to get onboard and get their equivalent of the Girl Racer series (similar to the American series, where there are everyday types of women, not models in skimpy outfits) but with guts, determination and a need for speed! I would love to see Australia start a series with different categories … beginner talent, to advanced of all different age groups!!) we need to catch up with the rest of the world and develop the other half of the talent pool.

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