Airdate: Lowdown

ABC’s next local comedy Lowdown will replace Hungry Beast from 9pm Wednesday April 21st.

The comedy, starring its co-creator Adam Zwar (Wilfred), follows the checkered life of a entertainment journo for a tabloid newspaper.

It also stars Kim Gyngell, Julia Zemiro, Paul Denny, Beth Buchanan, Dailan Evans and is narrated by Geoffrey Rush.

There are quite a few star cameos in this promo clip (including a familiar face from Wilfred).


  1. But the thing is Reubot, not everyone has pay tv. I probably should have said FTA tv hasn’t had or had access to an Aussie sitcom since Chandon Pictures. It’s ridiculous those who can afford it pay tv get access to it while those who don’t want or can’t pay for pay tv lose out. It’s not fair.

  2. tasmanian devil

    The commercial networks are no place for Australian sitcoms. Think about their attempts at comedy in recent years and you know that if they were to develop another sitcom it would fail miserably. I think it’s best that local sitcoms stay where they belong at the SBS and ABC.

  3. I hope it lasts, I hope it wins in the ratings. I am looking forward to this, we haven’t had an Aussie sitcom since Chandon Pictures I think, it’s been Hungry Beast and Chaser’s War and other stuff like that. I wish the commercial channels would start to develop their own sitcoms instead of importing and creating mindless reality stuff and endless crime shows.

  4. Look amazing.

    Why can the ABC be the only channels that allows TV comedy sitcoms to be developed.

    I mean, imagine if 9, 10 or 7 allowed shows like this to be put on.

    Take away dramas and replace them with situation comedies like kath and kim and these shows.

    I mean…they’ll rate like crazy

  5. Looking forward to this! I’ve wanted to work in entertainment/’tabloid’ journalism for a long time. This should be a fun spin on the sector!

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