Airdate: Make me a Supermodel (US)

And you thought Dante's Cove was hot? Make me a Supermodel (US) features models getting sexy together, regardless of gender.

And you thought Dante’s Cove was hot?

The US version of Make me a Supermodel, which features both girls and guys, will air on 7TWO this month.

The cable-produced Bravo series premiered in the US in January 2008 hosted by Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford -the latter was also a regular on the Aussie version.

7TWO is playing Season 1 from 7:30 tonight but on March 24th it has an M-rated “Adults Only” episode airing at 10:30pm, dubbed “Sexual Chemistry,” which involves pairs regardless of gender:

Chemistry is put to the test as the models are paired up to see who generates the most heat. For the photo shoot, the models must find ways to work together to sizzle for the camera and on the catwalk, they’ll find out if they can share the spotlight.

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  1. It was a good start last night … all the usual extra “filler” rubbish was missing and it was straight to the point! Some very appealing guys in there. And what the hell has Tyson done to his lips … they look weird! He is really not the best example for these newbies …

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