Airdate: Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

He created some of the defining films of a generation, but when Stanley Kubrick died, he left behind 1000 boxes filled in his mansion. But what were they filled with?

Now journalist Jon Ronson becomes the first person ever to be invited to the house to rifle through the boxes, filmed for a documentary Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes.

Sounds like a job for Collectors!

Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes is a film about that extraordinary journey. Kubrick’s films were landmark events; majestic, memorable and richly researched. But as the years went by, the time between films grew longer and longer, and less was seen of the director. What on Earth was he doing? The boxes have the answer.

Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes seeks to answer other questions: can we get to know a man like Kubrick by examining the things he left behind? Can we get close to understanding his creative process, his genius, by rifling through the contents of these boxes?

And there are other funny and tragic lives trapped within these boxes too -letters from crank fans who hounded Kubrick in the 1970s (Ronson tracks a few of them down 30 years later), plaintive videos from aspiring actors, writers, and so on.

The documentary also includes interviews with the people who knew Kubrick best -his wife, his daughter, and his assistants -and offers a mystery adventure story as well as biography of a cinematic legend.

It airs Tuesday, March 16th at 9.30pm on Bio.


  1. Neon Kitten: Thanks, but no thanks. Hell will freeze over before I pay to watch ads on TV. If Foxtel (or Austar in this area) had ad-free programming I’d be all over it. Anyway, I’ve got enough docos saved up to get me thru until some new ones show up on FTA.

  2. Intriguing show, but I watched it last year – along with 90% of the other docos on ABC & SBS being shown since Christmas. Obviously the ‘doco budget’ has been slashed at both channels.

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