Airdate: The Bounce, The Matty Johns Show

Seven will launch its new AFL and NRL variety shows on alternate nights.

The Bounce will premiere at 7:30pm Wednesday March 24th in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. It will air at 12:30am Thursday in Sydney and Brisbane.

The Matty Johns Show, with Johns’ own name boldly as its title, premieres 7:30pm Thursday March 25th in Sydney and Brisbane and 12:00am Friday in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Both shows are rated PG and run for 60 minutes. Neither show indicates yet if it will be live.

The Bounce: Join Peter Helliar, Matthew Richardson and Leigh Matthews in this fun, family footy show that will entertain AFL fans around the country. Each week, there’ll be a look at the full teams for the weekend’s matches as well as other hot footy news, guests, stunts and gags, plus live crosses to wherever the pre-round action is happening.

The Matty Johns Show:
Matthew Johns will bring his unique and entertaining take on rugby league backed by the game’s strongest panel of experts – including Shane Webcke – with extensive access to players and clubs. Plus each week, there’s plenty for the whole family with special guests, live performances, music and comedy


  1. If he did nothing wrong and deserves his own show (who does he think he is Jay Leno? Letterman?) why was he so worried about the sex incident after it happened as he said in his interview afterwards? Why was he so shattered in the interview? He used to be funny i rekon when he started out as reg regan, but that was years ago.

  2. So now we will be exposed to more tv rubbish. I will not be watching this show.
    The ones that are hungry for more fame will be on it. I suppose it is the best they can do!!!!!
    For example, ‘no talent’ people who think that a career in the media is what they deserve! They can have it, and the rest of us will just laugh, ie not with them but at them.
    These people cannot do anything else, after all not much brain and plenty of brawn in the previous public spot light.
    And ….. if they may have managed to get an education, it means nothing because they are too lazy to do anyting with it.
    Yes, yes a career in the media – wow, “i am famous now” – that is the way to go. Bore us all to death, why dont you.
    We will be exposed to more rubbish to Matty and even more rubbish occasionally from the likes of Big J. ie Stevens or whatever his name is!!!!!

  3. Its the old ‘what message are we sending young people’ , particularly young men .
    This is a gross misjudgement on the part of channel 7. Unbelievable .

  4. @Katie………please! As if your gonna stop watching ur favourite shows just becoz they have given matty johns a show……at the end of the day channel 7 is like any other business, im talking money, they seen the fallout after he was sacked from ch:9 & realised that there was a buck 2 be made…….in a poll on TT the verdict was pretty evenly matched meaning that 1/2 the viewers were dissapointed in his sacking, ultimately channel 7 are the one’s who have the balls 2 back him up. His actions regarding his promiscuity are none of our business & its only public knowledge because he is famous…….dont take the moral highground here.

  5. The VFL Bounce it should be called.I’d rather each state get it own point of view. If you live in WA or SA most people don’t care about Vic clubs .

    Would be better than the Footy Show which is now like New Idea TV.

  6. “Matthew Johns will bring his unique and entertaining take on rugby league backed by the game’s strongest panel of experts – including Shane Webcke ”

    Haha. Maybe they got Shane on there so that the panel is Literally the strongest panel of experts possible. Far better than those puny guys on the Footy Show 😀

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