‘Allo ‘Allo to GO!

"Leesen very carefully, I shall say zees only once."

GO! has added ‘Allo ‘Allo to its Friday night line-up beginning at 9:40pm Friday March 19th, to follow Black Adder.

It begins with S1E1 and S1E2, replacing a movie.

In honour of this auspicious occasion, I now invite you to list some of the best lines from this classic series.

To kick things off:

“Leesen very carefully, I shall say zees only once.”

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  1. Some of the stuff aimed at the Gen Y is boring and doesn’t appeal to every single Gen Y, I’m a Gen Y and I’d rather watch some of the older sitcoms like Hogan’s, Blackadder and ‘Allo ‘Allo then watch some vampire love triangle, reality shows where people find love on the basis of spend a few weeks with each other or some plastic surgery drama stuff.

  2. I think that the new HD channel from Nine is going to be one of two things.

    1) A breakaway channel where it is only occasionally in HD

    2) A movie channel because they seem to have a large amount of new movies to show

    3) GO! becomes the classic Gen X type channel and with the MTV deal they could make the new HD channel into a young skewed channel . At the moment GO! is like catering for young and young at heart , a bit like ABC 2 with its old movies on the weekend.

  3. I’m Gen Y and I love all the older comedy shows like Allo Allo.
    I will definitely be watching.
    I do somewhat agree with the other comments in regards to the change in style of programs (youth to more adult oriented), but GO! is an entertainment channel, it makes sense to have entertainment shows from other eras. I like that they put older comedies on, they tend to be better quality than most of the so-called comedies nowadays.

  4. Clearly this is fast becoming a Gen X channel rather than a Gen Y channel. Love it! I only started watching Allo Allo about half way through, so I look forward to catching up on what I missed!

  5. My all time favourite comedy!!!

    I remember seeming them perform it live here in Australia many, many years ago … they were fantastic!

    “The painting of the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies by Van Krump and the painting of the Cracked Vase with the big daiseys by Van Gogh are carefully concealed within two large Knockwerst Sausages in the cellar of Rene’s cafe”

    Not to forget … Lieutennant Gruber and his “Little Tank” !


  6. @ billy – could not agree with you more,as much as I love the US classics I’d love some oz classics just as much. Perhaps more if they are more rare shows like for eg old episodes of Hey Hey? Or some classic 70’s drama like Division 4 or Matlock Police? Cmon GO! how about giving us some of our own shows!

  7. and maybe one day go will get around to screening a classic Aussie show or 5 !!
    but they are too concerned with American classics and now British. Everything thats already on dvd or was already or still is on TV1 or FOX Classics. Always has been available in some way or another . go doesn’t do any favours .
    Good Times would be a welcome rerun though.

  8. Some good older shows would be nice.
    Mork & Mindy
    Welcome back Kotter
    Acropolis Now
    and maybe even some family ties or growing pains.

    @newtaste, @darthfyer – to backup Trents comment i think he means repeating the same show/episode within a 24 hour time frame. As go during the day as i understand is repeats of the previous night where classification allows.

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