Daryl “surprised” by Gold Logie snub

A tactful Daryl Somers has spoken about being left off TV Week’s Logie voting list this year.

Somers hosted two Hey Hey reunion specials last year that attracted stellar ratings and wide acclaim. He wasn’t listed as an option for Most Popular Presenter, which subsequently rules him out of the Gold Logie race.

“I’m just pleased the show is nominated -you’ll have to ask TV Week why I am not on the list,” Somers has told the Herald Sun.

“Maybe I’m not their demographic. I have to admit I was surprised – I thought I might be on the list when I saw the show was nominated.”

Co-star John Blackman called his omission “an absolute disgrace”.

“Of course he should have been nominated. He put in a sterling effort. But nothing surprises me about this industry any more,” Blackman said.

“I am pleased the show’s been nominated, though, because it’s a team effort.”

As TV Tonight pointed out last month, there are a number of names absent from Logies contention in the Popular categories: They include Ed Kavalee, John Waters, Tom Oliver, Ryan Moloney, Dave Hughes, Steve Bisley, Alan Fletcher, Sam Clark, Cornelia Frances, Ajay Rochester, Brian McFadden, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Kestie Morassi, James Morrison, David Reyne, Kim Watkins, Tim Ross, Merrick Watts, Andrew Denton, Henry Roth, Jimmy Barnes, Larry Emdur, Kylie Gillies, Matt Passmore, Peter Berner, Peter Helliar, Andrew Daddo, Jonathan Holmes, Cariba Heine, Garry McDonald and Magda Szubanski.

But Somers and those who are in his company would do well to look to their own networks for an explanation.

The Logies shortlist is drawn up from names submitted by networks but TV Week does limit the amount of nominations they can forward per category, and denies voters the chance to add “Other” names.

The Logies is also yet to induct Somers into its Hall of Fame.

The 2010 nominations will be announced on March 29th.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. the logies are b.s seriously they are popularity contest who really cares about the most popular presenter? the afis should really beef up its awards for tv, at least that has some creditability

  2. Its happens every year TV Week do leave out good tv presenters,but this year l agree Daryl doesnt deserve to be there.He only did 2 shows for the year,l cant stand Daryl anyway he is well past his used by date anyway.Daryl always in past has voiced how good he thinks he is,and people have been pushed aside before he loves the spotlight All for himself.Remember back guys what he did to Denise Drysdale.Ok l agree the show did have a great run being on air so long,but it was due to the great cast he has always had along him.But Daryl thinks it is always just about Him.

  3. Get a gold logie for being on TV twice in a year? Tell you what, if he promises to keep of TV for ever, I bet everyone will vote for him. Have we got a deal?

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