Doctor Who: Trailer

Here's a new trailer for 'The Eleventh Hour,' as the full episode is premiered to media in Cardiff on Friday. Some spoilers.

Spoilers: Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat joined the new Time Lord, Matt Smith, and the cast and crew at a media unveiling of the first episode of the new series in Cardiff on Friday night.

Fans waited outside Cardiff’s Cineworld cinema near a crashed Tardis to catch sight of Smith, Gillan, and Moffat.

The screening was aired to a packed fifth-floor theatre and received rapturous applause at its conclusion.

The episode, entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour,’ follows the Doctor and new companion Amy Pond (Gillan), fight a new gruesome shapeshifting monster dubbed Prisoner Zero with just 20 minutes to save the world.

It also introduces the Atraxi, the intergalactic police, who monitor the skies with an enormous spiralling eye.

Meanwhile, Smith has also been confirmed for a Xmas Special and for Series Six of the reimagined series.

‘The Eleventh Hour’ premieres in the UK on April 3 and in Australia on iView on April 17th before airing on ABC1 on April 18th.

Source: Daily Mail, WalesOnline

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  1. Yep ABC kid it did!! All will be revealed in ep three – written by Mark Gattiss and featuring a famous historical figure!!

    Lol Chris – that’s only a problem if your Amy Pond!!!
    The BBCAmerica trailer is even more spectacular!!!

  2. Give him a chance, sure he’s not going like David but i’m sure he will bring his own unique stlye to the roll, if the script writers do him justice I see no reason why he shouldnt excel in the roll

  3. I get fed up with this negativity – has happend all the way back to the first regeneration – let the new guy have a chance – someone will always not like what they see – thats life – i for one decided to wait until we get to see a full season and see how goes.

  4. After months of negativity from some sector of the fandom it is so nice to see how positive everyone is being!! It seems Moff might have made the right decision and we have a doctor for Fangirls and boys alike!! Roll on midnight April 16 on iview and 7.30pm, April 18 on ABC1. I for one can’t wait to see what Matt and Moff come up with!! And of course it has already been renewed for next season and the Xmas special is confirmed!!!

  5. Hmm, for the first time since DT left, i feel a little reassured that S5 will be a good one.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it, i wonder what time it’ll be on iView on the 17th, around lunch time would be good otherwise i might have to wait till the 19th to see it.

    Presuming i can wait the 14 to 16days to see it, i might cave in and watch it earlier as well.

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