Final Ashes to Ashes to answer mysteries

Season three of Ashes To Ashes hits UK screens soon with Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes reprising their roles as DCI Gene Hunt and DI Alex Drake.

The 8-episode third season remains rooted in the 1980s.

The final season also includes Dean Andrews as DI Ray Carling, Marshall Lancaster as DC Chris Skelton and Montserrat Lombard as WPC Sharon ‘Shaz’ Granger. Daniel Mays (The Street, Plus One) joins the series as Discipline and Complaints officer, Jim Keats, in what promises to be an unsettling twist to the team dynamic.

The series will also answer questions about Sam Tyler (John Simm).

“The end of Ashes to Ashes will also bring in some of the mythology of Life on Mars. So it will be the end of a 5 year journey really,” writer Ashley Pharoah told TV Tonight last August.

No word yet when ABC will air this in Australia.

Source: BBC


  1. My wife and I just finished watching the final episode of Ashes to Ashes (season 3 episode 8) from the U. K. What a magnificent ending. Yes, all the questions about Sam Tyler, Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes are answered in a logically compelling way. Also very moving. Anyone who has had doubts about the series, watch season 3 until the end. Superb British television.

  2. “No word yet when ABC will air this in Australia.”

    Not many people know when it will air in the UK yet. Dean Andrews tweeted a couple of hours ago that the date has been set and an announcement will be made soon.

    I expect it will be eons before we get it here. *hopes Aunty will fast track it*

  3. Initially I was a bit lukewarm on the show by comparison with its predecessor Life On Mars. But a few eps into s.1 the storylines improved and I’ve been hooked since. It will be worth waiting for to find out how the background ‘mythology’ to both shows is resolved.

  4. Although a similar concept as Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes like most of all sequels suffers in comparison but for me in its own right is a big success.

    And how great is Keeley Hawes! She has got around some tricky story lines and excelled. Looking forward to series 3.

  5. Didn’t bother with this after about ep 3 of season 1. Not a patch on Life on Mars, jarring and not credible. They should have quit while ahead. However, season 3 might be worth sitting through if it ties up the mysteries surrounding Sam Tyler’s death back in the 70s.

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