GNW meets WWE

WWE star Mike "The Miz" Mizanin got a bit carried away at Good News Week, throwing his chair across the set.

Must be the month for trashing TEN sets.

WWE star Mike “The Miz” Mizanin got a bit carried away when he filmed an episode of Good News Week, which will air on Monday.

In Australia to promote the upcoming WWE Smackdown Live Tour, the dual title-holder turned on a bit of a WWE performance by ‘trashing’ the GNW studio, throwing the chair that he had been siting on across the set. Not to be outdone, host Paul McDermott got into the swing of it, throwing his own chair too.

Apparently The Miz’s Aussie accent also left the GNW team slightly confused as to whether we sound like a whispering Steve Irwin.

McDermott gave back just as good with his own take on The Miz’s American accent.

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  1. Paul >> mate you are done old son,giving Pt Augusta a ribbing is not the done thing. You are now at the Mercy of our Mayor I am sorry to say. A big bunch of flowers may dull the pain and the wrath you have now incurred. A fate worst than standing on the wrong side of your Mother law under fire. Just remember the Name Joy Baluch she is the lady to send the flowers to. I will certainly do the best I can to ensure the pain is dulled.

  2. I dont like him on WWE Raw but i have herd and seen him on other interviews and shows and he is a good bloke generally. WWE is all play acting anyway. I herd Cena and Orton are quite good mates in real life.

  3. “The fact they have morons like this on show just how bad GNW has become. So sad if you remember the ABC days.”

    @Michael uhhh shutup? GNW is awesome and so is Miz. Go back to watching your community television old timer.

  4. Cool. For those of you who don’t know, the Mike “the Miz” Mizanin was a famous MTV reality TV star, being on a ton of those shows but mostly The Real Life. He portrays a ‘bad guy’ in WWE and is generally hated in real-life for being an alleged massive douchebag behind the scenes. Although, he has stated this is just a character he brings to real-life. I have reason to believe this after his recent promotional work here, as he’s been a fine ambassador to WWE, and seems like a nice guy.

  5. I agree Michael, I used to in the audience just about every week at the ABC, and even in the early TEN days… the show now is just so disappointing now, haven’t watched it at all in its new incarnation.

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